hmeimim (25)


Displaced Christian Syrians from the rural north of the Lattakia governorate are pressuring both the government and the church to allow them to return to their hometowns in regime-held areas that were retaken from the opposition in 2015. Regime forces and Iranian militias control these areas and allow residents to return only for short visits to check on their houses.


Syria recorded 431 new positive cases of Covid-19 last week, down from 540 new cases the previous week, although as always the real figures are likely much higher due to a lack of transparency and testing capacity.


Russian military personnel in the Hmeimim Airbase received the Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine this month, according to Russian media reports, while it remains unclear when Syrians will begin receiving vaccines themselves.


Syria is negotiating with Russia to obtain the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, an official said this week, while the number of cases across the country continued to rise steadily.


The full transcript of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Russian Zvezda TV Station on October 04, 2020.


Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media questions during a joint news conference with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yury Borisov and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the Syrian Arab Republic Walid Muallem following talks, Damascus, September 7, 2020.


The Syrian government agreed to grant Russia eight hectares of land, as well as the same amount of coastal waters, in the Lattakia province, officially to establish healthcare facilities affiliated with the Russian Aerospace Forces.


The Tartous governor has taken a rare action against two powerful Syrian businessmen, destroying houses they own on the coast, allegedly for building violations. 


The Syrian minister of transport has given more details on the Tartous deal with Russia, partly to deflect strong criticism coming from loyalists.


The Lattakia Airport is planning to launch again commercial flights after a suspension of six months.


A Syrian official has said that flights between Lattakia and Sharjah were resuming, highlighting the intermittent use of the airport since the intervention of the Russian army in the conflict.


A Russian official has expressed what is the bluntest statement to date on Russia’s ambition to get hold of as much of Syria’s energy and other economic resources as possible.


Only a week after the announcement that Aleppo Airport will resume its operations soon, flights have resumed at Lattakia’s Bassel Al-Assad airport.


The text of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Syrian daily newspaper Al-Watan on December 08, 2016.


The text of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Russian news agencies RIA Novosti and Sputnik on March 30, 2016. The transcript is by SANA, the Syrian state news agency.


UPDATED: Russian forces are considering using another Syrian airport, Qamishli’s, for their aerial operations against the Syrian opposition, according to a monitoring group.