certificates of Deposit (25)


The Central Bank of Syria raised SYP 92.2 billion through certificates of deposit it issued yesterday and sold through an auction.


Updated on March 25, 2020: The Central Bank of Syria is issuing new certificates of deposit to raise funds for the government and is also easing restrictions on cash transfers in and out of the country in a bid to attract more foreign currencies.


The Central Bank of Syria has said that it repaid the certificates of deposit it issued last year. The payment was made on their maturity date of February 23.


The government’s first issue of treasury bonds this year received lukewarm support from the local banking sector.


The Ministry of Finance has announced a timetable to sell SYP 300 billion worth of Treasury bonds in 2020, the first such issues in nine years.


The credit and monetary council of the Central Bank of Syria has announced that it will issue new certificates of deposits denominated in Syrian pounds this year.


The government has announced that it plans to issue treasury bills before the end of the year to fund its budget deficit.


Syria's Central Bank has raised interest rates on time dollar and euro deposit accounts by 1 percent to attract more deposits in the banking system.


Two state-owned banks have announced new lending schemes as the government seeks to kickstart the economy.


The relatively stable situation in most of Syria has reflected positively on the performance of Syrian banks, which have broadly reported an improvement in their financial results last year.


The Central Bank of Syria has raised SYP 130.8 billion, USD 244.5 million at the current market exchange rate, for its first issue of certificates of deposit.


The Central Bank of Syria has announced that it will issue certificates of deposits later this month for the first time in its history, as the government seeks to raise funds to pay for its expenses.


The government has allowed the Central Bank of Syria to issue certificates of deposits denominated in dollars.


The Syrian Pound lost again some ground last week against the US dollar and other foreign currencies in the black market.


The governor of the Central Bank of Syria has said that the USD 1 billion credit line recently received from Iran was helping his institution defend the Syrian Pound.


The Central Bank of Syria has announced a 2 percent average increase in interest rates in a bid to prop up the national currency.

Syria’s economy should be strengthening in the coming years although a delay in global recovery or faltering reform could worsen its outlook, according to the IMF.

The Social Security Organization (SSO) has invested actively in the last few years in private sector firms.


The Industrial Bank of Syria has gained some breathing space and will be on the offensive again this year, according to Anis Al-Maaraoui, Director General of the Bank.


Profits of the Real Estate Bank (REB) doubled in 2005 according to Mulham Dibo, its director-general.


The Real Estate Bank has issued Syria’s first certificates of deposits. The state-owned bank is issuing CDs for the following amounts: SYP 500 000, SYP 1 000 000, SYP 5 000 000, SYP 10 000 000, SYP 25 000 000 and SYP 50 000 000.

The Syrian pound has stabilized and regained some ground after the easing of international political pressure on Syria.

The Syrian pound remains shaky as the country’s political perspectives remain very cloudy. On November 30th, the US dollar was selling at SYP 57.75, lower from its peak of SYP 60.00 it reached on the 24th of the month but yet stronger than the ra...

The defiant speech from the Syrian President on November 10 has led to a slide in the value of the Syrian currency amid fears that international sanctions were looming.
The tensed political situation in Syria has pulled down the value of the Syrian pound before a series of measures from the Central Bank helped it recover its value.