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Russia has delivered a second batch of vaccinations to Syria amid warnings of the risk posed by the Delta variant despite a slower rate of infection over the past month.


The table below lists the Syrian companies contracted by UN agencies in 2020.


Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi made a rare visit to Damascus in a strong gesture of support for the Syrian regime. Mr Wang’s visit was the first by a foreign minister of China since the 2011 uprising and coincided with the swearing in of President Bashar Al-Assad for a fourth seven-year term.


The following is a transcript of answers to media questions made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a joint news conference with Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu. The Q&A is preceded by remarks made by Mr Lavrov. This document was sourced from the website of the Russian MFA.


The United Arab Emirates has approved the resumption of direct flights to its airports by Syria’s two airlines in a boost for the country’s aviation sector that will also ease Damascus’s isolation.


A high-ranking Russian delegation has visited Damascus following the recent reelection of President Bashar Al-Assad, highlighting Moscow’s continuing ambition to capitalise on its military and political support for the regime.


The Ministry of Health announced this week that all health workers in government-held areas had been vaccinated as the Syrian Ambassador in Moscow said Syria had received its first shipment of the Russian vaccine early this month.


Despite intensive media campaigns encouraging Syrians to register for COVID-19 vaccines over the past month, take-up among the population appears to be modest and none of the various administrations in Syria have released official statistics on the progress of their vaccination drive.


The administration in charge of northeast Syria has received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines and begun administering them to health workers as the number of positive cases across the country continues to tick up. 


The Ministry of Health has launched an electronic platform and asked Syrians and non-Syrians living in areas under its control to register their names in order to manage a vaccination campaign launched last week, beginning with health workers.


A Covid-19 vaccination campaign has begun in northwest Syria after 53,800 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines were allocated to the area by the World Health Organisation.


The Syrian government announced this week it had received 203,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine via the COVAX facility in addition to 150,000 doses of China’s Sinopharm vaccine.


The UAE has donated vaccines to Syria as the country grapples with a third wave of the pandemic.


Expected shipments of the Covid-19 vaccine to Syria have been postponed until an unspecified date, according to the World Health Organisation’s Syria office, opposition news website Enab Baladi reported. 


Syria will soon receive one million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the World Health Organisation has said, as the number of positive coronavirus cases continued to rise sharply.


Update on March 23, 2021:The number of positive cases has continued to increase, with 748 new cases registered across the country this week while areas outside the government’s control have yet to begin vaccination campaigns.


Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad and his wife Asma Al-Assad tested positive for the coronavirus on February 08 according to an official statement issued by the president’s office.

The Ministry of Health said it began vaccinating Syrians against the novel coronavirus on Monday with initial doses administered to healthcare workers as a further 471 new cases were recorded across the country.


Positive coronavirus cases in Syria continued a steady climb last week with 398 cases recorded, roughly in line with the 431 new cases registered the previous week.


Syria recorded 431 new positive cases of Covid-19 last week, down from 540 new cases the previous week, although as always the real figures are likely much higher due to a lack of transparency and testing capacity.


The Covid-19 pandemic continued to spread at a steady pace last week, with 540 new cases recorded, up from 536 the previous week. The week before, 694 new cases had been reported.


Official data showed 536 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Syria over the past week, bringing the total number of cases recorded in the country since the start of the pandemic to 43,592.


Russian military personnel in the Hmeimim Airbase received the Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine this month, according to Russian media reports, while it remains unclear when Syrians will begin receiving vaccines themselves.


The rapidly rising cost of living in Syria and widespread frustration with the government’s inability to halt the deteriorating conditions have led to some surprising—if still limited—displays of discontent in recent weeks, including critical posts on social media and even small demonstrations.


Positive cases of Covid-19 recorded in Syria reached 42,362 this week, up from 40,369 a week earlier, while Jordanian authorities started to administer free vaccines to Syrian refugees in the country.


Positive cases of Covid-19 in Syria continued to rise in the first week of the new year, with the total number confirmed across the country reaching 40,369, up from 39,329 last week, and 37,633 two weeks ago. An opposition NGO meanwhile listed the names of more than 170 doctors it said had died from the disease this year.


Syria is negotiating with Russia to obtain the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, an official said this week, while the number of cases across the country continued to rise steadily.


The full transcript of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Rossiya Segodnya News Agency on October 08, 2020.


The table below lists the Syrian companies contracted by UN agencies in 2019.


The two tables below list the Iranian companies involved in Syria.


The collapse of the Syrian pound has hiked the price of key fodder inputs, which are already facing shortages. Eventually, this will have an impact on the cost of food.


This article is an updated and expanded factsheet on the economic and business relations between Syria and Iran as of June 2020.