Rifaat Al-Assad (9)


Rifaat Al-Assad, the uncle of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, has been sentenced to four years in prison by a French court for money laundering.


The Syrian Ministry of Defence has laid claim to 12.5 hectares of land in the Moadamiyeh suburb of Damascus for the purpose of constructing residential buildings and a sports facility, a former official from the town’s municipality told The Syria Report.


Spanish courts have ordered the seizure of hundreds of properties worth more than 700 million dollars owned by Rifaat Al-Assad, Bashar’s uncle.

A French NGO has filed a lawsuit against French cement producer Lafarge and its Syrian subsidiary for its alleged past dealings with the Islamic State.


The French authorities have temporarily seized assets of Rifaat Al-Assad pending the end of a case brought against him for corruption and embezzlement of funds.


Politics in Syria is beginning to warm up again.