Nassib Border (24)


Just a couple of weeks after kicking out Rami Makhlouf’s company, the government has issued a tender for investors to manage duty free outlets at the country’s border crossings.


The Syrian government has continued its campaign against Rami Makhlouf, effectively ending the operations of two more of his best-known business ventures, including his oldest and most recent ones, within a couple of days.


The Syrian government has taken two decisions to facilitate transport with Iraq and Jordan and boost trade with these two countries as well as with the Gulf.


Syria’s foreign trade deficit increased again in 2018, initial data indicate.


The Ministry of Tourism announced that the number of foreign arrivals increased 76 percent in the first five months of this year compared with the same period of 2018.


Jordan has banned the entry of 194 different types of Syrian goods into the Kingdom.


The Ministry of Transport has cancelled exemptions that benefitted Saudi and Emirati trucks crossing Syria, dealing an additional blow to efforts aimed at restoring ties with the Gulf.


DP World says that it is establishing what it calls a trade corridor between Dubai and Syria to ease transport between the UAE and the Mediterranean.


The Ministry of Tourism is saying that the number of foreign arrivals increased this year, although it did not give numbers; the reopening of the Nassib border crossing increased arrivals from Jordan.


A delegation of 50 Syrian investors led by Mohammad Hamsho participated last week in Tehran in a bilateral economic forum.


The Nassib border post between Syria and Jordan, which is a strategic trading point for the whole Levant region, reopened yesterday after three years of closure.


The government has multiplied by five the transit fee levied on trucks transiting through Syria in an obvious bid to increase its leverage on Lebanon and Jordan.


Cham Wings has launched a new service to Amman which highlights the warming of the relations between the two countries.


Jordan has taken an additional step towards restoring its ties with Damascus as it invites several Syrian business lobbying groups to visit Amman.


The expected reopening of the Nassib border crossing between Jordan and Syria is being used as a leverage by the Syrian regime for political gains.


The Syrian regime’s control of the Nassib border crossing with Jordan is going to have significant economic and trade consequences.


The value of the Syrian pound relative to the dollar continued to rise in recent weeks although the trend is unlikely to last.


The expected reopening of the Syrian-Jordanian border crossing will bring significant benefits to the Syrian economy.


A Jordanian official has said that his government would consider an opening of a new border crossing with Syria, potentially enabling a resumption of trade ties between the two countries.


Revenues generated by the customs department increased last year in Syrian Pound terms, although this was only the consequence of the decline in the value of the currency.


After four years of continuous decline, container volumes increased in 2014 in the Port of Lattakia, although the beginning of this year saw a new decrease.


Groups affiliated with the opposition took on Thursday the last border crossing with Jordan still controlled by the Syrian Government, leading to potentially significant damages to Syria’s foreign trade.

The Syrian Customs' Directorate-General is undertaking a project to modernize Syrian Customs in collaboration with the Department of State Planning and the United Nations through the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the UN Conference on Trade and Deve...

A number of new duty free markets (DFMs) are expected to be set up on Syria's borders, according to a story from Zone News an Arabic news portal, after licenses in that sense have been provided to unnamed Syrian private investors.