Nader Qalei (34)


Updated on June 18, 2020: The entry into force today of the Caesar Act expands sanctions on Syria and will increase challenges for the regime and the economy alike. The U.S. administration has also expanded its list of Syrians under sanctions.


The list below includes the names of all the individuals that have been blacklisted by the European Union since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011.


The list below includes the names of all the Syrian entities that have been blacklisted by the European Union since the beginning of the uprising in March 2011.


The trial of Nader Qalei in Canada will take place in May next year as the Syrian investor is expanding his investments back home.


European sanctions inflicted last week on several Syrian investors and companies are disrupting more than expected their business activity.


For the first time, the European Union has put sanctions on the business elite that has emerged from the Syrian war as well as on its most symbolic investment project.


Nader Qalei, one of Syria’s most influential businessmen, is charged with violating economic sanctions imposed by Canada, the country where he resides, a Canadian outlet has reported.


In this 2,200-word factsheet we provide a profile of Marota City, the most controversial investment project in Syria.


Rami Makhlouf is now involved in the controversial Marota City real estate development in the Mazzeh District of Damascus.


A Syrian businessman, little heard of until recently, has signed two contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars to participate in the development of the controversial Basatin Al-Razi project.


One of Syria’s most influential investors has taken a key business interest in the most lucrative real estate developments in the Syrian capital.


Nader Qalei, a prominent Syrian businessman and former partner of Rami Makhlouf, has been awarded a long-term contract for the management of a 5-star state-owned hotel.


Two powerful Syrian investors are establishing a company in joint-venture with state entities to bid for potential reconstruction contracts despite an apparent lack of funding.


Development and management of hospitality projects


The Syrian authorities are closing the country’s foreign exchange companies as part of a clampdown on black market dealers.


Byblos Bank Syria has announced that it would be increasing its capital to SYP 6 billion within 18 months.


A group of businessmen led by AbdelQader Sabra is working on the development of a 4-star hotel on Arwad Island.


Syriatel has announced the resignation of Nader Qalei, its long time CEO, from the Board of Directors.


Nader Qalei, who has held the position of general manager of Syriatel since the establishment of the company, has quit his post.


Byblos Bank Syria (BSS) has announced an improvement in all its key financial indicators in 2007.



Arabia Insurance Syria, National Insurance and Syrian Arab Insurance have published their 2007 audited financial results.


Emaar, the UAE real estate developer, has established a USD 100 million joint-venture with Cham Holding, Syria’s largest holding firm.


The number of foreign exchange firms operating in Syria reached 7 at the end of last year according to a listing obtained from the Central Bank of Syria.


The Ministry of Economy has granted a license for the establishment of a new company including a number of prominent Syrian businessmen.


Cham Holding, the largest private consortium of Syrian businessmen held its founding General Assembly meeting and elected its board of directors on April 29


Syria International Islamic Bank (SIIB) will start operations in the fourth quarter of this year, according to Abdel Qader Dweik, its general manager.


Amlak Development Company has signed a contract with Aleppo’s City Council (ACC) to develop the Tarek Bin Ziad Barracks project.


Byblos Bank Syria will celebrate its launch in Syria in an official ceremony to be held on June 19th, six months after it actually began its operations.


According to a statement from Egypt's Orascom Telecom (OT), reported by AFP, the company has obtained a freeze on the assets of Drex, its Syrian partner in the mobile phone operator SyriaTel.


Updated February 28, 2014: Two referees have been appointed as caretakers for Syriatel to rule in a legal dispute between the company, one of the two GSM operators in Syria, and Orascom, its managing shareholder.