Iraq (1249)


The number of people who tested positive for the Coronavirus increased in the past week to 58 from 47, according to the Ministry of Health.


The government is set to award Iran a contract to explore for oil and gas on the Iraqi border to repay its debts to Tehran.


This article is an updated and expanded factsheet on the economic and business relations between Syria and Russia as of April 2020.


The Syrian minister of health has acknowledged the minuscule number of daily Covid-19 tests being carried out, while the economic consequences of the crisis appear to be increasingly serious.


In this 4,400-word factsheet, we provide a profile of the main businesses and economic institutions affiliated with the Syrian Ministry of Defence.

A 2,300-word factsheet on the Syrian activities of Stroytransgaz, the Russian company that has become the symbol of Moscow’s economic influence in the country.


Turkey is expanding its use of electricity supplies as a means of extending its influence in Syria’s northern areas.


Updated on March 31, 2020: Syria reported its first cases of Coronavirus and accelerated preparations to limit the spread of the pandemic and mitigate its economic, social and health impacts, as the dollar gained almost 20 percent in the black market.


The list below includes all the Syrian individuals, entities, aircrafts and vessels that have been put under sanctions by the U.S. Administration since 2005.


The Syrian government has started imposing the first restrictive measures on public life as the potential spread of the Coronavirus threatens to have a devastating effect on the population and the economy.


The full transcript of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Russia 24 TV Channel on March 05, 2020


During a meeting last week, the Partnership Council approved two new projects to be implemented under the public-private partnership law.


Export-import; contracting


Building materials trading; electrical goods and electronics trading; contracting


Despite the announcement last week of the reopening of Aleppo International Airport, no commercial flight has yet been recorded at the airport.


The Ministry of Health said today that it has still not recorded any cases of patients affected with the coronavirus.


The number of foreign visitors entering Syria increased by 35 percent last year, coming overwhelmingly from the Arab world.


The Syrian government has adopted several decisions to ease import trade finance, put a lid on inflation and reduce pressure on the Syrian currency.


In a very rare statement denouncing the recent legal proceedings against him, Rami Makhlouf has provided several interesting insights into his personal situation, indicating that he intends to remain active in the business scene.


Despite reports that Conviasa, also known as Venezuelan Airlines, will start flying to Damascus next month, the Syrian government is still struggling to draw international airlines back to the country.


Syria has been ranked the third-worst country in the world, and the worst in the Arab world, in the annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).


Syria’s free trade zones recorded a decrease in their activity in 2019, a worrying development given the low base of economic activity at the start of the year.


The Syrian Investment Agency has issued a licence for a new car assembly plant, while an Iranian-owned venture in the industry has reportedly suspended production.


The Syrian government has taken two decisions to facilitate transport with Iraq and Jordan and boost trade with these two countries as well as with the Gulf.

The full transcript of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Phoenix Television on December 16, 2019.


The government has frozen the assets of two businessmen affiliated with Cham Wings over claims that they owe millions of dollars in unpaid bills.