Idlib (477)


The table below lists the 81 Idlib companies offering money transfer services, as listed by the Syrian Salavation Government-affiliated regulatory authority


The table below lists the projects funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.

The table includes both loans and grants and are divided by sector of activity.


The number of Syrians who tested positive for Covid-19 in government areas increased to 177 this week, up from 146 last week.


On June 11, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad appointed Hussein Arnous as prime minister after dismissing Imad Khamis, who paid the price for recent socio-economic difficulties.


The collapse of the Syrian currency is accelerating the transition to the Turkish lira in northern parts of the country, integrating them more deeply into the Turkish economy and away from the rest of the country.


This is the list of the 14 heads of Syrian governorates as of May 30, 2020.


On March 04, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad headed for the first time a meeting of the task force formed to confront the Coronavirus.


The number of Syrians who tested positive for the Coronavirus went up from 42 last week to 43 yesterday. Of those, 19 people recovered, up from six a week earlier, while the number of deaths was unchanged at three.


The past week saw a modest uptick in Syria's confirmed Covid-19 cases, but the apparently slow infection rate has allowed the government to start reopening some shops and official agencies.


Syria’s production and export of olive oil—of which the country is among the largest producers in the world—are set to increase slightly this year, despite the recent battles in the Idlib area.


In this 4,400-word factsheet, we provide a profile of the main businesses and economic institutions affiliated with the Syrian Ministry of Defence.


The number of Syrians who have tested positive for the Coronavirus has increased to 19, according to the Ministry of Health. Two have died and two have recovered.


On March 30, the Ministry of Health announced the death of a second person from the Coronavirus, out of a total of ten positive cases, while the government added new measures to limit the spread of the virus.


Turkey is expanding its use of electricity supplies as a means of extending its influence in Syria’s northern areas.


The Syrian government’s difficulties importing wheat will be compounded this year by the limited quantities it will be able to buy from local farmers.


Updated on March 31, 2020: Syria reported its first cases of Coronavirus and accelerated preparations to limit the spread of the pandemic and mitigate its economic, social and health impacts, as the dollar gained almost 20 percent in the black market.


The Japanese government is providing a new grant to a fund dedicated to development projects in areas of Syria outside government control.


The British government has slightly relaxed restrictions on buying oil products within Syria, while the U.S. government has put the Syrian Minister of Defence under sanctions.


The full transcript of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Russia 24 TV Channel on March 05, 2020

The text of the agreement between the Russian and Turkish presidents in Moscow on March 05, 2020.


A strange statement by the Syrian Presidency has highlighted potential tensions within the regime’s highest circles.


The list below includes the names of all the individuals that have been blacklisted by the European Union since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011.


A full breakdown of Syria's 2020 budget with current and investment expenses detailed for each item in the budget.


Syria’s oil and gas infrastructure has been attacked twice this week after several similar incidents in recent months which may indicate that the country’s energy infrastructure is being systematically targeted.


In Idlib and northern Aleppo, local authorities are switching the price of bread, a staple food, away from the Syrian pound in a bid to alleviate the impact of the currency’s rapid depreciation.