Hussein Arnous (42)


Disruptions to oil shipments from Iran, including the recent Suez Canal blockage, have intensified fuel shortages in Syria, paralysing the country’s public transportation system and stoking public anger.


Prominent Syrian businessman Samer Foz is set to open the country’s largest sugar refinery next month as the country struggles to secure enough of the commodity.


An Iranian delegation travelled to Damascus last week with the aim of enhancing technological ties between the two countries in a visit that included the signing of a deal for a new credit line.


The Ministry of Electricity has decided to cut overnight power supplies to Syria's main industrial cities twice per week until the end of February, in a new sign of the severity of the electricity shortages affecting the country. The cities, which comprise the backbone of Syria’s industrial sector, had previously been exempted from power rationing.


The list below includes the names of all the individuals that have been blacklisted by the European Union since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011.


Syria imported oil products worth USD 820 million between July and December last year, the prime minister said, giving a rare insight into a vital sector that is often defined by a lack of transparency.


Positive cases of Covid-19 recorded in Syria reached 42,362 this week, up from 40,369 a week earlier, while Jordanian authorities started to administer free vaccines to Syrian refugees in the country.


The list of cabinet members following the reshuffle of November 22, 2020. One new ministers was appointed.


Prime Minister Hussein Arnous approved a contract in November between the Damascus Countryside Governorate and the General Company for Building and Construction— part of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing—to implement the road networks into a car expo centre outside Damascus two years after his predecessor laid the foundation stone for the complex.


The coronavirus is continuing to spread swiftly in Syria, with more than 20,806 positive cases now recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, up from more than 17,900 cases last week.


The Syrian government doubled the price of subsidised bread last week after failing to secure enough wheat to meet demand, greatly increasing the risk of food shortages as the winter season approaches. The hike comes shortly after similar price hikes for oil products, leaving many Syrians less and less able to secure their daily needs.


The Syrian government completed several procedures to re-launch traffic with neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan this month, although the spread of the virus is increasing relentlessly.


The past two weeks have seen fires devour large areas of forest and farmland in coastal Syria, forcing some residents to evacuate their homes and raising fears that influential figures may be considering seizing some of the affected land.


The visit of a high-level Russian delegation to Damascus may signal Moscow’s intent to accelerate its access to lucrative economic deals in Syria. Opportunities remain rare and incentives low, however.

This is an edited transcript of the speech of Bashar Al-Assad on September 02 following the appointment of the new government.


The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has announced a new increase in gas production across several wells and facilities in the country.


The list of cabinet members following the reshuffle of August 30, 2020. Twelve new ministers were appointed.


The Syrian President has appointed a new government headed by Hussein Arnous, in which the ministers holding key portfolios remained unchanged.


The deadline for building an alternative housing project within Marota City has passed without success, with the government proving unable to fund the project.

The deadline for building an alternative housing project within Marota City has passed without success, with the government proving unable to fund the project.


A high-ranking delegation timed a visit to Damascus with the entry into force of the Caesar Act in a bid to express Tehran’s support for the Syrian government.


The number of Syrians who tested positive for Covid-19 in government areas increased to 177 this week, up from 146 last week.


On June 11, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad appointed Hussein Arnous as prime minister after dismissing Imad Khamis, who paid the price for recent socio-economic difficulties.


The list of cabinet members following the reshuffle of June 11, 2020.


The list of cabinet members following the reshuffle of May 11, 2020.


The Syrian President has reshuffled the government and appointed nine new ministers.


The list of cabinet members following the reshuffle of November 26, 2018.


Chinese companies are increasingly enquiring about business opportunities in Syria, although no funding for reconstruction is expected to come from Beijing.


The list of cabinet members following the reshuffle of January 1, 2018.

Three new ministers were appointed at the defence, industry, and information portfolios.


The list of cabinet members following the reshuffle of March 29, 2017.


The following is a short profile of the members of the Syrian Government appointed on July 03, 2016.


The list of cabinet members appointed by Bashar Al-Assad on July 03, 2016.


Syrian officials are holding an increasing number of meetings with investors and officials from countries deemed friendly in an apparent bid to develop economic and trade ties.

A new Government tasked with fighting “terrorism” and ensuring the supply of goods and services to the population was formed last week in Damascus.


The US Treasury has blacklisted a number of new individuals and entities for their support of the Syrian regime, including a Russian bank.


Several key economic portfolios changed hands in a government reshuffle last week that testifies to the growing deterioration of the Syrian economy.


Syria’s Baath Party has announced the election of a new regional command, which is formally the executive branch of the party in Syria.


The Syrian President has appointed seven new ministers, including for the finance and oil portfolios, in a move that apparently bears little political significance, except that it will include for the first time ever a woman wearing a veil.


The Syrian President has named a new head for the Aleppo Governorate, the sixth nomination of a new Governor since the beginning of the political crisis currently engulfing Syria.


An estimated 1.2 million protestors took to the streets across Syria on Friday July 22 - the largest turnout ever since the unrest began on March 15. Earlier in the week in a significant diplomatic blow, the Embassy of Qatar in Damascus closed and its Ambassador abandoned his post. Meanwhile, the heavy crackdown against the opposition in Homs continued throughout the week.

The two major motorways that will cross Syria through the North-South and East-West axes will cost USD 1.6 billion to build, according to Hussein Arnous, Director-General of The General Organization of Road Transport.