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The list below includes the names of all the individuals that have been blacklisted by the European Union since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011.


The European Union has rejected appeals from two Syrian businessmen to be removed from its sanctions lists, including one figure who had already been delisted by the EU Council, sending a confusing signal for other sanctioned individuals seeking to cut regime ties in exchange for relief from sanctions.


The list below includes all the Syrian individuals, entities, aircrafts and vessels that have been put under sanctions by the U.S. Administration since 2005.


Hospital and medical centre sterilisation services; contracting


General trading; contracting


The European Union and the United States have renewed their economic sanctions on Syria for another year, but the EU removed two individuals who were involved in the Marota City project.


Damascus Cham Holding has given more details on one of the large developments it is seeking to promote in Marota City.


Updated on April 22, 2020: The original version of this article attributed attacks on Syrian gas fields to the Islamic State. We have since received contradictory information and have removed any reference to the identity of the perpetrators of these attack and edited the text accordingly.


The list below includes the names of all the Syrian entities that have been blacklisted by the European Union since the beginning of the uprising in March 2011.


In this 2,700-word factsheet we provide a profile of Damascus Cham Holding, one of the largest Syrian companies that is at the heart of the controversial Marota project.


The following factsheet provides technical details on, and lists the status of, Syria’s main gas treatment plants as of April 24, 2019.


The Syrian Gas Company has lost some SYP 1.2 trillion since 2011, its general manager has said.


For the first time, the European Union has put sanctions on the business elite that has emerged from the Syrian war as well as on its most symbolic investment project.


In an update on its operations, the Syrian Petroleum Company says that various oil fields restarted production this year across the country.


In this 2,200-word factsheet we provide a profile of Marota City, the most controversial investment project in Syria.


Since it was established in 2016 to develop the Marota City development, Damascus Cham has established various joint ventures with private investors. Here is their list.


Export-import; Iron trading


Damascus Cham Holding is establishing a new joint venture with private investors to develop several properties in Marota City, the controversial large real estate project in the Syrian capital.


Syria’s oil and gas production increased noticeably this year, but output still remains very low and is unlikely to increase by much in the near future.


Management of hospitality facilities; invest in, and develop, real estate projects


Data from the Syrian government provide indications on the sources of Syria’s crude oil procurements.


Engineering works at the Ebla Gas Plant are set to increase the supply of natural gas to Syria’s power grid.


Syria’s oil and gas production continues to increase incrementally as a potential deal with the PYD may add significant more volumes to the government’s control.


The advance of Syrian regime troops towards Raqqa is helping them control an increasing number of small oil and gas fields.


The Syrian Minister of Petroleum has provided several new numbers on Syria’s oil and gas sector.


The Syrian government is reportedly offering to export electricity to Lebanon despite significant supply shortages in the country.


The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has released production data for the first quarter of this year, although some of the numbers do not seem realistic.


On April 26, regime forces took back the large Shaer gas field and are now in control of most of Syria’s main gas reserves even though production is not expected to restart before months.


Russian oil engineering companies are reportedly already active in Syria as the Syrian President said that new contracts would be granted to them.


Repair and maintenance works in the Hayan field by the Ministry of Petroleum highlight how the government is trying to capitalize on its recent gains in the central area to increase oil supplies.


An attack on Syria’s last standing gas processing plant temporarily shut down most electricity production across the country, highlighting the extreme weakness of the country’s energy infrastructure.


After the news of the destruction of the Jihar gas plant near Palmyra last week, another large state-owned economic asset is now reported to be requiring hundreds of millions of dollars to be repaired.


ISIS blew up this week a large gas processing plant near Palmyra, sending a clear warning on what it could do to other economic assets under its control in Syria’s east.


Following its attack on Palmyra the Islamic State has managed to take control of many significant oil and gas fields.


The Syrian government is continuing to add gas production capacity as it restarted last week a gas well near Palmyra formerly developed by INA Naftaplin, the Croatian oil company.


The Syrian Government has retaken full control of the Mahr gas field in central Syria after fighting back ISIS.


The capture last week by the Islamic State of several gas fields in the region of Palmyra is posing serious risks for the energy supplies of Damascus.


A bribery scandal involving a global oil company has revealed ties to Syrian businesses and executives.


Production in Syria’s most important gas fields is unaffected by the recent onslaught of ISIS on Palmyra, the Syrian Minister of Oil said.


Operations are steadily resuming at gas fields and processing plants located in central parts of Syria after government forces took them back from ISIS.


In the last week, ISIS has overran two major gas fields and installations that prior to the uprising were operated by western companies.


The Syrian Government has signed a contract for a barter deal, the first since the beginning of the uprising.


Syria has applied to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, according to the deputy Minister of Economy.


Gas plants operated by the government in central parts of Syria are working at almost full capacity according to the minister of petroleum.