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In a leaked audio recording published by pro-opposition activists on social media, a militia commander loyal to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard in Daraa talked of reversing seizures of property owned by opposition sympathisers if they agree to join pro-Iran militias.


Afek Oil & Gas, an Israeli oil company, has ceased exploration operations in the occupied Golan Heights after finding no light oil resources suitable for commercial development.


Eight years after capturing the town of Sbeineh in the countryside south of Damascus, security forces are still obstructing the return of displaced residents and restricting the rights of those who have been able to return.


After a long wait, official government statements have begun to indicate residents may be allowed to return to the city of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad south of Damascus, though no concrete action has yet been taken to enable that.


Displaced people from Hujeira, a town south of Damascus, are required to obtain prior security approval from the General Intelligence Directorate before returning to their homes, years after most of them fled battles in the area.


The list below includes all the Syrian individuals, entities, aircrafts and vessels that have been put under sanctions by the U.S. Administration since 2005.


The full transcript of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Rossiya Segodnya News Agency on October 08, 2020.


Security patrols arrested dozens of young men in the town of Babila south of Damascus earlier this month under the pretext of searching for opposition sleeper cells and drug dealers, according to pro-opposition news site Sowt Al-Asimeh. Out of dozens of arrests, 12 targeted Palestinian men displaced from the neighbouring city of Al-Hajjar Al-Aswad. The 12 men were likely targeted for arrest deliberately, after they reportedly underwent security checks as part of their applications to return to their homes in Al-Hajjar Al-Aswad.


The Damascus Governorate has finally allowed some displaced people to return to the capital city’s southern Al-Tadhamon district, although the Governorate is still only permitting certain people who have obtained security clearance.


An Israeli power producer has announced that it has secured a loan to finance what is set to become the largest wind power investment on the occupied Golan Heights.


An Israeli company is moving forward with the construction of a large wind farm in the Golan Heights, one of many investment projects exploiting the natural resources of this piece of Syrian territory occupied since 1967.


Delegations from Iran, Russia and Turkey met in Nur-Sultan, formerly Astana, on 25 and 26 April 2019. At the end of their meeting they released the following statement.


The text of Donald Trump's official declaration recognizing Syria's occupied Golan Heights as being part of Israel.


A selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria including a special section this week on Trump's Golan decision.


While most attention has focused on the Marota City development in Damascus, other Syrian provinces also plan their own real estate redevelopment projects and are setting-up holding companies for that purpose.