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Philippine’s International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) has won the 10-year concession contract to manage the container terminal of the Port of Tartous.


The Ministry of Transport is allocating SYP 11 billion under the current five-year plan (2006-2010) for the development of the Port of Tartous.


Syrian authorities launched the most significant crackdown on civil society activists since the crushing of the pro-democracy movement the Damascus Spring in 2001, arresting two of the country’s highest profile opposition figures, along with at least six others, in the wake of a document signed by some 300 Lebanese and Syrian activists urging Damascus to institutionalise its relations with Beirut.

A joint-venture between Syriatel, the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (STE) and Germany-based GTC will produce the components for high-tech telephone and internet communications systems to enable the development of wireless local loop (WLL) sys...

The Syria Report talks to Samir Nashar, head of Syria’s Free National Party, a member of the transitional council of the Damascus Declaration and one of Aleppo’s leading business and political figures.

Bank Saderat of Iran and the Commercial Bank of Syria have decided to establish a joint bank in Syria, during the latest Higher Bilateral Committee meeting held in Damascus late February.
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice flew into Beirut for a brief surprise visit on February 23, meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and Saad Hariri and Waleed Jumblatt, who control the anti-Syrian majority in the Lebanese parliament, to pledge US support for “the Lebanese people as they work to have a fully sovereign, democratic Lebanon."

Syrian opposition party leaders and activists from inside Syria and from exile met for the first time in Washington on January 30 for a two day meeting to draw up a plan to overthrow the Assad regime by peaceful means and to bring democracy to Syria by mid 2007.


Germany is providing a financial assistance of a total value of EUR 44 million to Syria.


Al-Hayat: Sayyed Nasrallah, are we on the verge of a civil war in Lebanon?

Sayyed Nasrallah (Laughing): This interview is starting off with a difficult question.

As thousands of expatriate Iraqis turned out across fifteen countries to vote in their country’s first full parliamentary elections since the US-led war of March 2003 toppled former dictator Saddam Hussein, aid agencies in Damascus highlighted the plight of Iraqi refugees living in deteriorating socio-economic conditions in Syria.


Syria has burned all intelligence documents relating to Lebanon and attempted to hinder a UN inquiry that found further evidence of the involvement of the Syrian intelligence services in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, according to the second report into the killing.

The last of the UN team investigating the assassination of former Lebanese Premiere Rafik Hariri returned to Beirut from Damascus on September 23 having questioned ten senior Syrian officials with former responsibilities for security in Lebanon.
A new commercial and economics centre for the Milan Chamber of Commerce is to be opened in the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce and Industry during the visit of an Italian business delegation within the coming weeks.

At least one Syrian security official was killed by gunfire during clashes between Kurdish demonstrators and Syrian security forces during a recent protest march in Qamishli following the murder of an influential Kurdish sheikh, according to Kurdish officials.

Never has so much been expected of a Baath Party conference in Syria. Did it deliver? Here the Syria Report runs through the key recommendations of the conference, which are set to be taken up by the Syrian Parliament and turned into law.

The Syria Report is publishing, with support from the Syrian European Business Centre, a special report on Syria's textile industry, Textile in Syria 2005.
An EU-funded project was launched in Syria at the end of March to develop environmental energy programmes, solar energy programmes and to train higher education students about renewable energy.
Preparations are underway for a USD 45m project to develop tourism in the summer mountain resort of Zabadani, north west of Damascus, which will include the construction of a 3.5km long cable car, the first to be built in Syria.

The German government has donated Euro 5m to Syria to finance projects renovating the old city of Aleppo, and to provide consultation services to the Ministry of Irrigation for projects supplying drinking water to the countryside around Aleppo and Dama...

Syria has signed a financial protocol with Slovakia and the Czech Republic that settles all debts owed by Syria to these two countries.

By Samir AITA*

The Association Agreement between Syria and the European Union has finally been initialed. American pressures, through in particular the "Syria Accountability Act", were instrumental in pushing Syria's political decision-makers towards that outcome. 

Arrivals of tourists and visitors to Syria have continued to rise in the first quarter of this year according to the Syrian ministry of tourism.

The English transcript of the interview of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad with Al Jazeera TV on May 03, 2004.


A change in strategy by HOBOOB is leading to a reduction in stocks and an increase in exports of wheat.

Germany has provided Syria with a financial package of EUR 45 million, including the write-off of EUR 30 million in debts and the provision of EUR 15 million in help for the development and better management of water resources in Aleppo and Damascus.
The Public Establishment of Electricity for Generation & Transmission (PEEGT) has awarded Germany's Siemens the USD37 million turnkey contract to supply four 400/230-kV air-insulated substations to be built at Nasiriyeh, Al-Teem and Palmyra, accord...
The Public Establishment of Electricity for Generation & Transmission (PEEGT) has extended the bid deadline to 25 February 2004 for the estimated USD350 million contract to design and build a new 750-MW Deir Ali power station, 36 kilometres south o...
The Public Establishment of Electricity for Generation & Transmission (PEEGT) has received final prices to supply four 400/230-kV air-insulated substations (AIS) to be built at Nasiriyeh, Tayem and Palmyra, according to MEED.

On 13 & 14 December, an important seminar is being organized in Damascus to discuss the prospects for human development in the Arab World following the publication of the 2003 (and second) issue of the Arab Human Development Report. 


With the ambitious development plans of the two national railways operators, Syria is set to capitalize, at last, on its strategic geographic position.

With the ambitious development plans of the two national railways operators, Syria is set to capitalize, at last, on its strategic geographic position. Meanwhile, the country is also joining the International North - South Transport Corridor.

A German manufacturer of wood-plastic composites products is planning to open a plant in Damascus' free trade zone.

The Public Establishment for Electricity Generation & Transmission (PEEGT) has received five bids for the contract to expand and convert two 300-MW, gas-powered power stations at Nassirieh and Zeyzoun, according to MEED.

The PEEGT has enlisted seven consulting firms to bid for the contract to evaluate the bids for the contract to design, construct and commission a new 750-MW combined cycle power plant in Deir Ali, south of Damascus, according to MEED.
Three loans are signed by Syria with all of AFESD, Germany and Spain to provide a total of USD 144.5 million in credits at preferential conditions.

Syria's expatriate community is full of success stories in the economic, business and trade fields.


One year after providing its first loan, the Agency for Combating Unemployment (ACU), also referred to as the Unemployment Commission), continues to attract very strong interest from the specialists and the wider public.


The new political challenges that have followed the US assault and ensuing occupation of Iraq have continued to make their prints felt on Syria. Indeed, although the international community has now switched its focus to the Middle East road map, Syria's main challenge remains that of a reassessment of its position in a region completely overhauled by the Iraqi war.


Intellectual Property (IP) does not make the headlines in Syria these days; and it never did. However, with the combined growing integration of its economy to the world economy and the increasingly important place the knowledge economy is set to take, Syria will have to face IP issues, manage the constraints they put and try to benefit from the opportunities they provide.

The Syrian Telecommunication Establishment (STE), the monopolistic fixed telephone network operator, has recorded profits of SYP7 billion (USD134 million) in 2002, according to Bashir al-Munajid, Minister of Communications.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's three-day official visit to the United Kingdom from December 16 to 18 had all the apparatus of a state visit.

The announcement by Jordan's Housing Bank for Trade & Finance that its application to launch Syria's first private bank had been approved by the Central Bank (CBS), and that it would be granted an official licence before the end of the year came as...
A major German business delegation, including 19 companies from the state of Lower Saxony, visited Damascus early October to enhance trade and investments relationship with Syrian business operators.
A delegation from German bank Hypovereinsbank (HVB) is expected to arrive in Damascus to study the possibility of applying for a licence to operate in the country, according to al-Baath, the state-owned daily.

The state-owned General Organisation for Food Industry (GOFI) is starting the building of two new lines for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer.


Syria is planning to build a water institute with the cooperation of Germany, reported al-Baath.


The three-day meeting of the Boycott Office of the Arab League ended on Tuesday with decisions taken on 15 new companies.

Idlib's Spinning company exported USD3.7 million worth of cotton yarns in the first quarter of the year, said Teshreen.
The European Union and Syria are launching 5 new projects to help preserve the country's cultural heritage, reported the Delegation of the European Commission in Damascus.


The Syrian president will be travelling to Italy on February 19, in a three day visit to this country.