General Directorate of Cadastral Affairs (14)


After approval from the Parliament, the presidency in recent days issued Law No. 17, which lists the real estate service fees collected by Cadastral Affairs. The new law utilises the current value of real estate to set and collect certain real estate service fees.


The Syrian government has introduced a new real estate sales tax law in a bid to increase state revenue, compounding upward pressure on property prices that have already soared as a result of the steep depreciation of the Syrian pound.


Cadastral Affairs is the official body tasked with documenting property and any changes to its status. No real estate document is considered completely valid unless it has been entered into the Cadastral Affairs’ records.


There is currently a halt in accepting requests to restore damaged buildings in East Ghouta's Arbeen. This suspension does not appear to be tied merely to administrative matters, as official statements would suggest. Rather, the issue appears more complicated, given the large number of lost and damaged real estate records, and the Syrian government's refusal to recognise real estate purchases and other transactions that occurred during the period of opposition control from 2012 to 2018.


A full breakdown of Syria's 2020 budget with current and investment expenses detailed for each item in the budget.


Starting in mid-February, Syrians selling or buying their homes or cars will need to conduct their transactions through a bank account, and not in cash, following a government decision.


A full breakdown of Syria's 2019 budget with current and investment expenses detailed for each item in the budget.


The cancellation of a management contract between a state entity and a private sector company only weeks after it was signed could be part of government pressures on the province of Suweida.


The full text of Law No. 10, which amends Decree No. 66 of 2012 and extends its provisions to the whole of Syria.


The number of real estate transactions in Syria's fourteen provinces between 2010 and 2016.


The Syrian authorities have approved the latest version of a draft law that is supposed to enable the issuance of new property documents for those who have lost them, although the text worries many Syrians.


A fire that spread in the land registry of the city of Manbij after it was taken over by PYD-led forces last week has highlighted again the sensitive issue of land ownership in Syria.


The provinces of Lattakia and Tartous attracted most real estate transactions in Syria last year, according to official data, while Hassakeh witnessed a fourfold increase in the space of five years.