Four Seasons Hotel (62)


The Syrian Cabinet established on September 23 a new committee to oversee the reform of the state-owned economic enterprises, the latest of such efforts that have been ongoing for at least the past two decades.


UN agencies and other international organisations have reportedly renewed their contracts with the Four Seasons Hotel for the rental of office space and rooms.


This table lists the properties offered for investment by various state-institutions.


The table below lists the Syrian companies contracted by UN agencies in 2018.


Four Seasons, the company that managed the most luxurious hotel property in Damascus and a symbol of the liberalisation of the Syrian economy under Bashar Al-Assad, has announced that it was leaving the country.


The dollar has crossed the 600 level in the Syrian foreign currency market as the pound fell to its lowest level in three years.


UN agencies operating in Syria have increased by some 20 percent the value of the contracts awarded last year to Syrian companies.


The list below includes all the Syrian individuals, entities, aircrafts and vessels that have been put under sanctions by the U.S. Administration since 2005.


The U.S. Treasury blacklisted yesterday 16 individuals and companies that are either Syrians or conduct a significant part of their business in Syria, including Samer Foz and several businesses associated to him.


Several companies from the UAE are looking again at the Syrian market and sending delegations to Damascus.


United Nations agencies contracted Syrian companies for more than USD 160 million of goods and services last year, UN documents show.


The table below lists all the Syrian companies contracted by UN agencies in 2017. The data include the name of the companies, the subject of the contracts and their value.


In this 2,300-word factsheet we provide a profile of Samer Foz, who in the space of the past two years has risen to become Syria’s most powerful investor.


Damascus’ landmark Four Seasons Hotel is now the property of one of the country’s most powerful businessmen.


A Kuwaiti-based company has announced the purchase of a plot of land outside Damascus, in a very rare case of an investment by a Gulf company in Syria since 2011.


Russian investors are increasingly eyeing Syria’s land and real estate properties, which are among the few valuable assets the Syrian regime can still hand over to its cronies and allies.


The table below lists all the Syrian companies contracted by UN agencies in 2016. The data include the name of the companies, the subject of the contracts and their value.


Syrian companies were awarded dozens of millions of dollars from UN organizations last year including millions that went to companies owned by individuals under western sanctions and linked to regime militias.


The launch of a new car assembly plant in Syria, the second in the space of four months only, has served to highlight the steady rise to prominence of an increasingly powerful businessman.


The table below lists all the Syrian companies contracted by UN agencies in 2015. The data include the name of the companies, the subject of the contracts and their value.


The UN has been granting dozens of millions of dollars to companies associated with the regime, a report from The Guardian has found.


The table below lists all the Syrian companies contracted by UN agencies in 2014. The data include the name of the companies, the subject of the contracts and their value.


A new case of sanction-breaching delivery of technology equipment to the Syrian authorities has been revealed by the New York Times.


The Ministry of Tourism has cancelled the management contracts of Dedeman Hotels, a Turkish operator, for two of the country’s leading 5-star properties, including one in Damascus.


The week of June 27 marked a sea change for the Syrian protest movement. At the start of the week, 190 opposition members met for the first time in public in Damascus. In response to the meeting, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad set July 10, 2011 as the start date for national dialogue.


Nasser al-Kharafi, the Chairman of the Kuwaiti Kharafi Group that has large interests in Syria, died in Egypt on April 17 of a heart attack.


Costa Coffee, a global chain of cafés, has closed most of its outlets in Damascus, citing operational losses.

Arafeh Holding, a local manufacturing and trading group, mainly specialized in pharmaceutical products is diversifying into the hospitality sector.
Segafredo Zanetti, an international coffee and coffee shop brand, has added two new outlets in Syria, the firsts outside Damascus.

The Kuwait Syrian Holding is to start works on a new USD 90 million real estate development in Yaafour, its CEO said.


Nesco Group S.A, Kempinski Hotels’ strategic partner in Syria, has denied that the luxury hotels management chain was withdrawing from the Syrian market.


The Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus continued to be among the most profitable properties managed by Kingdom Hotel Investments, its main shareholder, in spite of a decline in occupancy rates and in average revenues per room.

Kempinski Hotels has announced that it has cancelled the contracts for the management of three properties in Damascus.
The Italian Trade Commission in Damascus is organizing an Italian – Syrian Economic Forum on October 31.

Damascus had the 3rd most expensive retail rents in the Middle East according to a recent survey. 


Works on the Kiwan Hospitality project have still not begun two years after the announcement of the launch of the project.


The Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus posted another excellent performance in 2008, according to the annual report of Kingdom Hotel Investments, its mother company.


Dedeman Hotels expects to increase the occupancy rates of the three new hotels it is managing in Syria, according to its country manager, Birol Kaymas.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus has hired a new General Manager, according to a press release from the company.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus posted a significant hike in activity in 2007 and was a major growth drive for Kingdom Hotel Investments, its majority owner.


Saeb Nahas, the Chairman of the Nahas Group was ranked Syria’s richest man, in a recent survey on the wealthiest Arabs.


Kempinski Hotels will manage three hotels in the city of Damascus between 2008 and 2010, following an agreement with the NESCO Group of Saudi Arabia.


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued on July 2 a list of international firms active in state sponsors of terrorism, including Syria.


The Saudi Prince has announced that he met Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, in a private meeting in Lattakia on June 13.

Bank Audi Syria (BAS) has announced that it had started a programme to provide credit to Syrian SMEs and liberal professions.
Kempinski Hotels has signed contracts to manage two hotels under its brand in Syria, according to Duncan O'Rourke, Regional Director