Euphrates Shield (30)


France has announced a new financial commitment to the trust fund supporting development projects in Turkish-controlled northern areas.


A new flourmill has been inaugurated in the Euphrates Shield Area, raising the number of mills there to three.


Gaziantep University plans to become the second Turkish university to open faculties in areas under Turkish control in northern Syria.


Across the country, there are increasing situations of strikes as Syrians protest their harshening economic conditions and continuing chaos.


New decisions in the northern Aleppo countryside confirm that the region is being increasingly linked to Turkey.


A first official crossing has opened between the Euphrates Shield Area and regime-held areas north of Aleppo.


Turkey has reopened to its truck drivers a key border crossing with Syria, raising tensions and protests from their Syrian counterparts.


The value and flows of trade between Syria and Turkey remained unchanged last year, according to Turkish official statistics.


Turkey has inaugurated a new border crossing with the area of Afrin, increasing to five the number of open crossings between the two countries.


A conference on reconstruction was organized last week by the Interim Government of the Syrian opposition.


The Al-Bab Local Council has launched a gas filling plant, which will supply the whole Euphrates Shield Area, while a new Palace of Justice, funded by Turkey, has also opened north of Aleppo.


Two of four crossing between the regime and opposition areas in Idlib remain open, according to an opposition media.


The Euphrates Shield Area (ESA) is witnessing several new developments that highlight its increasing autonomy relative to Damascus but also its rising ties to Turkey.


Turk Telecom has reportedly established a customer service centre in the Euphrates Shiel Area, further entrenching the Turkish presence there.


The number of residents in Syria stands at around 19.2 million, according to recent estimates.


The governor of the Gaziantep province has announced a new measure to encourage trade relations with northern Syria.


A Turkish university is opening a faculty in the Euphrates Shield Area, highlighting the increasing influence and long-term commitment of Turkey in the north of Syria.


A Turkish University has announced that it would organize a test to enable students living in the Euphrates Shield Area to apply for enrolment.


The Turkish Government has decided to open a new border crossing near Afrin and to empower the governor of the Hatay province with the administration of this Syrian region.


Several hundred small workshops and factories have restarted operations in the industrial zone of Idlib, a local media has reported.


A Turkish company has signed a ten-year agreement to provide electricity to parts of the Euphrates Shield Area.


Construction works on an industrial zone in the Euphrates Shield area north of Aleppo have begun with the aims of attracting investment and boosting economic activity in this pocket under the control of the Turkish authorities.


The Syrian opposition is planning to open three new crossings in its northern Aleppo enclave to help boost trade with nearby regions.


The Free Syria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an opposition business lobbying group, has elected its new board of directors.


Dozens of thousands of Syrian refugees in Turkey have returned to Syria in areas controlled by the Free Syrian Army, according to Turkish officials.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.