Dreikish (23)


Syria’s state-owned water bottling company is seeking to expand its capacity in a sector it has a monopoly on.


Data as well as official decisions by the Syrian government confirm that its spending priorities continue to go to its core constituency of the coastal area in addition to the families of the soldiers who died fighting for the regime.


A visit by the Syrian Prime Minister to the coastal area has highlighted the limited capacity of the government to meet the expectations of the population.


A large governmental delegation has spent several days in the Tartous governorate last week promising billions of pounds in development projects.


The Damascus Governorate has increased the administratively set prices of a broad range of food products in restaurants and cafes across the city.


The Syrian Tourism Company, a state-owned company established last year, has signed management contracts for two resorts in Tartous.


Syria’s state-owned water bottling company, which owns a large share of the market, posted its numbers for the first three quarters of the year.


Sales at Syria’s only water bottling company grew in value but fell sharply in volumes last year.


Syria’s General Company for Bottling Water, a state-owned venture, reported profits in its 2012 operations.


Syria’s state-owned water bottling company said that it had bottled 114 million litres from its four springs in the first nine months of the year, around half its planned production.


Syria’s state-owned food manufacturing companies generated total sales of SYP 6.3 billion last year, according to local reports.


The state-owned water bottling company, which has a monopoly over mineral water bottling in Syria, said it generated SYP 282 million in net profits in 2011.


Syria’s state-owned water bottling company has reported profits of SYP 254 million in the first three quarters of this year as it plans to capitalize on its monopoly status to expand capacity.


Syria's third state-owned mineral water bottling plant will start operations within a few weeks, according to Khalil Jawad, director general of the General Organization of Food Industries.



The Ministry of Industry has given some hints as to the broad outlines of the reform of the state-owned industrial sector


A new bottling line that was added this month in “Dreikish Water Filling Factory” will increase annual production capacity by around 25 percent.


The General Organization of Food Industries (GOFI) is investing SYP 900 million to increase its water bottling capacity.


Syria's mineral water bottling capacity should surge to 198 million litre a year (l/y) after the launch of a new bottling plant and increased capacity at existing ones, according to Khalil Jawad, Director-General of the General Organization for Food Industry.

The beginning of the implementation of the Greater Arab Free Trade area (GAFTA), on January 1st 2005, which totally frees inter-Arab trade, is putting pressure on the few remaining manufacturing sectors that are still restricted to state-owned investme...
UNDP is supporting the opening by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Technology of 14 telecentres in Syria to enhance the use of ICT in rural areas.