Darayya (42)


The list below includes all the Syrian individuals, entities, aircrafts and vessels that have been put under sanctions by the U.S. Administration since 2005.


The Damascus Countryside governorate has granted contracts worth SYP 3.5 billion (USD 7.5 million) to remove rubble from the streets of destroyed cities in the governorate.


Syria’s PM, Imad Khamis, visited last week the two coastal provinces of Tartous and Lattakia where he inaugurated a host of projects including the first government project or building to be named after Bashar Al-Assad.


Syrian government institutions have published in recent weeks their estimates of the value of the destruction in several areas and business sectors.


In this 2,200-word factsheet we provide a profile of Marota City, the most controversial investment project in Syria.


The Damascus governorate has approved the urban planning scheme for the second major area it plans to develop under Decree 66.


The Syrian regime is planning to extend to all of Syria a law that enables the displacement of populations from informal housing areas under the pretext of building modern real estate development projects.


One of Syria’s most influential investors has taken a key business interest in the most lucrative real estate developments in the Syrian capital.


The Syrian government is reportedly planning to impose across the country a law that effectively dispossessed many Damascus residents of their properties.


The text of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Syrian daily newspaper Al-Watan on December 08, 2016.


The text of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Portuguese TV channel RTP on November 15, 2016.


Only weeks after it took back control of the Damascus suburb of Darayya, the government is already planning to implement there a large real estate development project.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


Renewed bombardments on Damascus after months of calm and the targeting of the main water pipe to the city has returned some form of instability to the Syrian capital.


The text of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by NBC on July 14, 2016. The transcript is by SANA, the Syrian state news agency.


Near Verbatim Transcript of Joint press stakeout by UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura and UN Senior Adviser, Jan Egeland


Near Verbatim Transcript on Joint press stakeout by UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura and UN Senior Adviser, Jan Egeland


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


SdeM: Good morning everybody. We have just terminated a long but intense and useful meeting from the Humanitarian taskforce, so I will leave the floor actually to my colleague and friend, Jan Egeland.


The official statement by the U.S. and Russia on ensuring a nation-wide implementation of the Cessation of Hostilities.


Geneva , 21 April 2016

I was away yesterday for personal family reasons, so my apologies if I could not be with you yesterday. But we all have a family too and sometimes we do have a coincidence of urgent family issues to address and I had to do so, so my apologies. Nothing political, no significance on that, no reasons except my own family.


The transcript of the press coneference by UN Envoy Staffan De Mistura on March 24, 2016, at the end of the first round of talks between the regime and the opposition in Geneva.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


Text of interview of Bashar Al-Assad by German TV channel ARD on March 01, 2016. The transcript is by SANA, the Syrian state news agency.


The text of U.N. Security Council resolution 2268 (2016) adopted on February 26, 2016, endorsing the cessation of hostilities agreement reached by the United States and the Russian Federation, co-chairs of the International Syria Support Group.


A weekly selection of articles and reports on Syria.


The Syrian government is accelerating the destruction and expropriation of two large districts of Damascus known for their support of the opposition and expelling the inhabitants still living there.


The Real Estate Bank, a state-owned institution, is expected to provide all the funding for the infrastructure works in a controversial real estate project in Damascus.


The Damascus Governorate is establishing a holding company to redevelop two informal areas located on the outskirts of the Syrian capital that were largely supportive of the uprising.


The text of U.N. Security Council resolution 2139 (2014) adopted on February 22, 2014, approving all necessary measures to combat ISIS.


In response to the Syrian government's ongoing use of force against the country's civilian population, the European Union officially implemented an oil embargo against Syrian crude on Saturday - dealing a serious blow to the Syrian economy. The last three days also saw a troubling rise in violence with over 45 people killed amid security crackdowns across the country.


The week of June 27 marked a sea change for the Syrian protest movement. At the start of the week, 190 opposition members met for the first time in public in Damascus. In response to the meeting, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad set July 10, 2011 as the start date for national dialogue.


An estimated 12 people died in unrest on Friday May 27, while harsh criticisms and strong calls for reform from neighboring Turkey have yet to hold sway with the Syrian government, and the international community continues in its struggle to come to a firm consensus on the most appropriate response to the turmoil in Syria.


Supply, installation, and service electromechanical systems and machines like cable hanging systems, electrical conductors, lighting systems, lifting machines and spare parts


An important project to divert water from the Euphrates River and to supply water to rural areas was inaugurated this month.