Damascus International Trade Fair (19)


China is planning to open a permanent trade centre in the Adra Industrial City near Damascus.


Some 33 trade exhibitions are planned this year in Syria, according to the state’s trade fairs regulatory body.


A conference on reconstruction was organized last week by the Interim Government of the Syrian opposition.


Syria and Crimea have signed several economic and trade agreements, highlighting the role of the peninsula in the Syrian-Russian relation.


The main highlights of the 60th edition of the Damascus International Trade Fair, which was held last month, included a relatively large Russian presence, a very limited one by Chinese companies and the absence of announcements of major business deals.


Syrian state entities have signed contracts worth several dozens of millions of dollars to buy heavy machinery from China and Russia.


Russian officials have provided more details about their country’s participation in the Damascus International Trade Fair, which will be held starting next week.


A business event grouping dozens of Russian investors is set to be held in Damascus next month.


In this 2,600-word factsheet we look at China’s economic interests in Syria.


The fall of Eastern Ghouta to the Syrian regime, which is likely to be concluded in the next days or weeks, will have several economic consequences.


Filings from some companies have confirmed the improvement in the Syrian business environment in 2017 after years of steep decline.


The financial results of some of Syria’s largest companies show an increase in revenues across the board, albeit from very low levels.


Samer Foz, the increasingly powerful and visible Syrian investor, is expanding his investment portfolio with a new venture in the pharmaceuticals sector.


The revenues of Syriatel, one of the country’s two mobile phone operators, surged in the first half of this year to more than twice those of its sole competitor, while the launch of a third Iranian-led operator appears to have been postponed.


The participation of Iranian and Russian companies to the Damascus International Trade Fair has given the opportunity for these two countries to push further their economic and business interests.


On Thursday, the Damascus International Trade Fair will reopen after a 5-year hiatus as the Syrian regime attempts to bring back foreign investors and promote a return to normalcy.


The Syrian Government is seeking to attract Chinese investors but these seem reluctant to take the Syria risk.

KOTRA, the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency, will open a trade office in Damascus in the coming few months, probably in the first quarter of 2007.