Damascus Chamber of Commerce (48)


Updated on October 21, 2020: The article, originally published on October 14, has been updated to correct a technical glitch and provide updated election results.


Dozens of fires in the provinces of Lattakia, Tartous Homs and Hama have caused large-scale damage to agricultural areas and led to the evacuation of many people from their homes and lands.


The rise of Rami Makhlouf as Syria’s most prominent businessman coincided with the ascent to power of Bashar Al-Assad in 2000. Given his long history of influence within the ruling elite, Mr Makhlouf’s recent side-lining raises many questions about the potential implications of his fall from grace.


Several influential Syrian businessmen have started using the Coronavirus crisis as a way to improve their image among the Syrian population.


Iran has denied that it will provide funding for a housing project in Syria, highlighting the domestic political dimensions of Tehran’s policy in Syria.


The list of the 18 members of the advisory council of the government as of December 02, 2019.


A decree has increased the number of members on a council that advises the Syrian cabinet on economic matters.


The dollar has crossed the 700-pound level in the Syrian foreign exchange market for the first time on record.


A Greek business delegation visited Damascus last week, a rare case of an EU business lobby coming to Syria.


The US dollar has gained almost 5 percent in the space of a month in the Syrian foreign exchange market, a confirmation that the latest plan by the authorities to prop up their currency has failed.


This table lists the main companies we have identified that are linked to the eight investors whose bank accounts were frozen on October 7, 2019.


The Central Bank of Syria has ordered a freeze on the bank accounts of Tarif Al-Akhras, one of the country’s most powerful businessmen and a relative of Asma Al-Assad, as well as on those of several other prominent businessmen, a move that seems to confirm the government’s increasing pressures on the business community.


A trade centre to boost business with Crimea is opening in Damascus, while China and Iran plan to build trade centres to boost their exports to the country.


An attempt by the government to push local investors to sell their dollars in order to support the Syrian pound has only highlighted the unpreparedness of the Central Bank of Syria, has little chance of success and risks alienating these businessmen.


The Central Bank of Syria is trying to push Syrian businessmen to hand over their dollars as part of its drive to curb the depreciation of its currency.


A Russian business delegation visited Damascus late June looking for new trade and investment opportunities.


A plan by the government to force again exporters to hand back their foreign currency revenues to the Central Bank is creating tensions between manufacturers and traders.


China is planning to open a permanent trade centre in the Adra Industrial City near Damascus.


A Bulgarian business delegation visited Damascus last week, a rare case of an EU lobby group visiting the Syrian capital.


A government official has said that men represented today only a fifth of the Syrian labour force.


The general assembly of the Raqqa Chamber of Commerce and Industry held last week its first meeting in four years, a move that has a political dimension as much as a business one.


The deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Czech Republic visited Damascus last week in a rare visit by a high ranking European official since the beginning of the uprising.


The visit last week by an Iranian delegation to Damascus marks one of the first major attempts to deepen business ties between the two countries.


The following is a short profile of the members of the Syrian Government appointed on July 03, 2016.


Syrian industrialists are renewing calls for the establishment of a Turkey boycott office akin to the Israeli Boycott Bureau, a move that has economic as much as political motives.

Syria plans to open direct shipping lines with Iran and Russia to ease foreign trade ties.


Data from the Damascus Chamber of Commerce confirm the sharp decline in business activity faced by investors in the Syrian capital.


Provision of quality control services


The number of people registered with Syria's Social Security Organisation currently stands at 3.69 million, according to an official from the institution.


The Syrian Ministry of Economy registered 3,008 trademarks last year.


The Ministry of Economy has announced that within a week it will publish a compulsory price list for key commodity items as the Government tries to calm rising anger over the continuing increase in consumer prices.


The Syrian Minister of Labour and Social Affair said last week that unemployment in the country stood at between 22 and 30 percent, a rate more than twice previously estimated levels.


The Deir-ez-Zor Chamber of Commerce and Industry has blamed the government’s security services for the “unjustified use of arms and the brutal crackdown on protesters” in one of many signs of growing unease in the business community over the mishandling by the authorities of the revolt gripping the country.


Depositors withdrew around SYP 32 billion, or USD 680 million, from private sector commercial banks since the beginning of the unrest two months ago, according to AbdulQader Dweik, CEO of SIIB.


Ghassan Qalla, the head of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, and Nabil Sukkar, a well-know economist, are among the five Syrian founding shareholders of National Bank of Kuwait Syria.

The Syrian Business Council, which regroups most of Syria’s new business elite, has issued a rare statement criticising the little relevance of official statistics and its impact on investment and growth.
A delegation of Romanian companies is visiting Syria to participate in B2B meetings to be held in Damascus and Aleppo.
The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force is organising a business seminar to introduce its procurement opportunities to local businesses.
A delegation of Greek companies will be visiting Syria between the 16th and 18th of December.
A German trade delegation is visiting Syria from November 30 to December 2. The delegation will be comprised of thirteen companies active in the construction and building materials sectors.
The elections at the Damascus Chamber of Commerce saw little renewal in the Board of Directors except for the significant departure of its president Rateb Al-Shallah.
A surge in consumer prices in the domestic market in the last few weeks has led to a strong outcry in the local press and to a relatively poor response from the Government.
Syria is to set-up five relays of its Euro Info Correspondence Centre (EICC).
The annual report of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce portrays an economy that is slightly growing. The Syrian Pound, however, is forecast to loose from 5 to 10% of its value.