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The Ministry of Finance has frozen the assets and bank accounts of MTN-Syria and of several of its board members, a decision that signals that it wants to put pressure on one of the country’s largest companies.


This text determines the territorial waters of Syria and their use, including its exclusive economic zone. It is particularly relevant given the country's potential offshore oil and gas resources. This text is translated with its latest amendment.


The text of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Syrian state TV on October 31, 2019.


The tables below provide a list of Syria's main trading partners last year with the value of their exports to, and import from, Syria.


These tables list the companies that have been licensed by Syria's real estate commission.


The tables below provide a list of Syria's main trading partners last year with the value of their exports to, and import from, Syria.


The tables below provide a list of Syria's main trading partners last year with the value of their exports to, and import from, Syria.


Syria’s foreign trade deficit increased again in 2018, initial data indicate.


The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has agreed to give Syria a preferential treatment for its exports, the Ministry of Economy said, although the impact of the deal on the economy will be limited.


The government has increased tariffs on some steel products, a decision that seems to have been motivated by pressures from influential businessmen.


This table lists the maritime shipping agencies registered with the Ministry of Transport as of September 2019.


In these three tables you will find the rates applied on goods and services for the sales tax, known in Syria as the consumer spending fee.


The Central Bank of Syria is trying to push Syrian businessmen to hand over their dollars as part of its drive to curb the depreciation of its currency.


Bilateral trade between Syria and Turkey declined by around 9 percent in the first half of this year, Turkish official data show.


The reopening of a border crossing with Iraq is likely to be delayed again despite an acceleration of the preparations by the Syrian government.


Syria’s commission for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism has issued its 2018 annual report.


The following decision and its implementation instructions regulate investment in Syria's tourism sector.


This text, published more than a decade ago, regulates private sector investment projects licensed by the Syrian Investment Agency.


Three NGOs have filed criminal complaints against a Belgian and two German chemical manufacturers for shipping banned chemicals to Syria in 2014.


Syria and Iran held on May 1st the sixth edition of a joint business forum as Tehran seeks to capitalize on its support to the regime to gain more benefits for its companies.


Official data indicate a small increase in the number of new manufacturing investments in the country, although prospects for next years appear more pessimistic.


The details of the Syrian budget, which we publish this week, shed some light on the government expenditure structure, but also on some misleading numbers.


A full breakdown of Syria's 2019 budget with current and investment expenses detailed for each item in the budget.


A breakdown of Syria's 2019 forecast budget revenues.


The cancellation of a management contract between a state entity and a private sector company only weeks after it was signed could be part of government pressures on the province of Suweida.


The Syrian-Lebanese bilateral trade between 1993 and 2018.


The value and flows of trade between Syria and Turkey remained unchanged last year, according to Turkish official statistics.


Opposition media are reporting that oil supplies from Kurdish to regime areas are ongoing through the intermediation of a Syrian business family recently put under sanctions.


Three new licenses for car assembly plants have been given to Syrian investors in the past few months, raising the potential number of these plants, including several that have been operating for years, to eight. Here is a breakdown of these projects.


The table below indicates the total revenues collected in Syrian Pounds by the Syrian Customs Department between 2010 and 2018.


DP World says that it is establishing what it calls a trade corridor between Dubai and Syria to ease transport between the UAE and the Mediterranean.


Official data indicate a significant increase in the receipts generated by the customs department, which represents one of the government’s main sources of revenues.


As the UAE and Bahrain announced the restoration of their ties with Damascus, Syria and Iran inked a new economic cooperation agreement.


Syria and Russia signed several agreements during a joint meeting in Damascus last week, but whether they will materialize in the absence of significant funding is an open question.


Several decisions issued by the Central Bank of Syria will increase lending by, and credit risks for, the banking sector although they also show the influence of powerful investors in the Central Bank’s decision-making process.


The value of the import licenses granted to Syrian traders by the Ministry of Economy declined in the first three quarters of this year, official data indicate.


A Syrian court has reportedly discharged a freezing order on the assets of a prominent Syrian investor.


Syrian official media recently reported the delivery of hundreds of electric generators offered by the Chinese government to Damascus.


A delegation of 50 Syrian investors led by Mohammad Hamsho participated last week in Tehran in a bilateral economic forum.


This legislative decree was initially part of a set of legal texts that contributed to the liberalization of the banking sector.


Syria’s foreign trade deficit increased again in 2017, initial data indicate.


Taxes and fees collected by the Syrian Customs Department continued to increase during the first six months of this year.


Bilateral trade between Lebanon and Syria declined markedly in the first half of this year according to data from the Lebanese customs.


The Syrian government has extended for six more months the exemption on custom duties granted to imports from Iran.


Iran exports to Syria, including radars, continued to increase last year, positioning it as the country’s third largest supplier.


The text of the law regulating military conscription including its amendments.


A Syrian investor, despite being a close associate of Samer Foz, has seen his assets frozen by the Syrian government for the second time in the space of five years.