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The average wealth of Syrians in 2019 stood at around a fifth of what it was in 2010, according to a report on the wealth of populations across the globe.


The following table provides data on the average wealth of Syrian adults between 2000 and 2019.


A report by a global bank estimates that the average wealth of Syrians dropped markedly this year.


The average wealth of Syrians in 2016 is only around a quarter of what it was before the uprising, a recent study has found.


The average net wealth of Syrian citizens stood at close to $4,000, according to a recent report on global wealth across the globe.


HSBC is closing the accounts of some of its Syrian clients across the Middle East region the bank said.


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued on July 2 a list of international firms active in state sponsors of terrorism, including Syria.


The Commercial Bank of Syria is seeking to set-up a joint-venture with private investors to offer Islamic banking services according to Ahmad Diab, the deputy General Manager.


The US Treasury ordered on March 9 all commercial banks in the United States to end their relationships with the Commercial Bank of Syria (CBS) and its Lebanese subsidiary, the Syrian Lebanese Commercial Bank.


According to preliminary estimates the Commercial Bank of Syria has posted profits of SYP 17 billion (USD 327 million) in 2005, Doureid Dergham, the director-general of the bank, said. CBS had recorded profits of SYP 16 billion in 2004. Meanwhile total...


The Syrian Government and all state institutions and companies will use Euros instead of US dollars in their foreign exchange dealings, following a Government decision on 14 February.


Two major Swiss banks have announced that they have severed all business dealings with Syrian institutions and individuals.