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The following factsheet provides technical details on, and lists the status of, Syria’s main gas treatment plants as of April 24, 2019.


The Syrian Gas Company has lost some SYP 1.2 trillion since 2011, its general manager has said.


The withdrawal of American forces from Syria’s northeastern region will have important economic consequences.


Production has restarted at a relatively important oil field with an American military base in the Deir-ez-Zor area.


Reports on an oil deal between the regime and the PYD have highlighted the continuing prominence of a new Syrian business figure.


On Sunday 22 October, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces captured the large Omar Field east of Deir-ez-Zor, effectively leaving the Syrian regime without direct control on any of the country’s largest oil fields.


The Deir-ez-Zor gas plant is a gas processing and gathering plant located northwest of the city of Deir-ez-Zor.


The takeover of a large gas field near Deir-ez-Zor by Kurdish-affiliated Syrian opposition groups last week draws many economic and political implications for a range of local, regional and international actors including the Syrian regime, Iran, the U.S. but also Russian private contractors.


The capture last week by the Islamic State of several gas fields in the region of Palmyra is posing serious risks for the energy supplies of Damascus.


Fighter jets from the U.S.-led coalition have targeted again the DEZGAS plant near Deir-ez-Zor, a local media has reported.


Airstrikes on oil and gas fields in eastern Syria by the U.S.-led coalition appear to have already led to a rise in power cuts in Damascus and other Syrian cities.


The U.S. is stepping up its airstrikes against Syrian oil fields and installations held by ISIS, potentially endangering critical assets for Syria’s future reconstruction.


A website affiliated to the opposition has said that a delegation from the Islamic State is negotiating with the Syrian Government over a gas treatment plant in Deir-ez-Zor.


Attacks on Syria’s gas infrastructure are continuing, leading to an increase in power cuts across the country.


Total E&P has signed three long-term agreements with the Syrian Petroleum Company and the Syrian Gas Company that will further the presence of the French company in the Syrian oil and gas industry.


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued on July 2 a list of international firms active in state sponsors of terrorism, including Syria.

ExxonMobil has sold its 49% share in ALIMCO, an oil lubricants joint-venture it operated in Syria with local partners, according to AFP. The shares were sold to Syrian businessmen.

Conoco Phillips has confirmed that it will be withdrawing from Syria after it transfers the gas treatment plant it is operating in the country at the end of the third quarter of this year.

Petro-Canada, Oxy lose major gas deal. State-owned company will run it instead while a new international tender will be issued for the gas treatment plants.
Gas production is taking an increasing role in Syria's energy policy. More gas reserves are found while the development of the Syrian part of the Arab Gas Pipeline has been Okayed.

By Samir Aita*

In the last weeks, two major events have provided a new shape to the Syrian business world and to Syria's position in the regional and international environments: the award of a major gas contract to a consortium involving Canadian and US companies, and the award to Syriatel, one of Syria's two mobile phone operators, of a GSM license in Pakistan, the country most concerned by the American "Greater Middle East" initiative.


The pullout of the US company from its lone project in Syria, following pressures from its shareholders, remains however a strong option.

Long-term commitment of TOTAL in Syria is in doubt after it fails to clinch the last significant development contract in the Syrian oil & gas industry.

New York City's comptroller, its chief fiscal officer, is to put forward resolutions to ask three major US companies, Halliburton Co., ConocoPhillips and General Electric Co., to stop doing business with both Syria and Iran.

Syria is to offer for tender the development of a major gas field which is expected to draw up to USD800 million in investments.
The French oil giant, TotalFinaElf, is planning to bring down its presence in Syria following the delay of several major projects in the country.

BHP Billiton, the anglo-australian conglomerate, is planning to invest up to USD400 million in Syria's expanding gas sector.

Conoco and TotalFinaElf SA have brought the USD400 million associated gas project in Deir-ez-Zor (eastern Syria) to full capacity of 13 million m3/day, said TotalFinaElf.

Australia's BHP Petroleum has joined the race with France's TotalFinalElf and Conoco from the US to develop gas fields in the region of Palmyra.