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The full transcript of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Rossiya Segodnya News Agency on October 08, 2020.


A delegation of high-ranking Syrian officials visited Moscow last week to meet with Russian diplomatic and technical officials and push forward a wide-ranging economic agreement which is due to be settled in December.


The Syrian government completed several procedures to re-launch traffic with neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan this month, although the spread of the virus is increasing relentlessly.


Syria's citrus fruit production, which represents an important source of economic activity and employment in the coastal area, is set to decline to its lowest level in at least five years.


Export-import; contracting


Real estate brokerage services; building materials trading; contracting


Updated on March 14, 2021: Since the end of June, several subsidised food commodities are no longer being sold by the Syrian Trade Establishment because of various difficulties importing these products. If the problem remains unresolved, the food security of more Syrians will be in danger.


An American company has signed a contract with the Syrian Democratic Forces to develop oil production and marketing in northeastern Syria and has received a sanctions waiver from the U.S. administration.


Building materials trading; construction equipment trading; clothing trading


Building materials trading; construction equipment; clothing trading


Fossil fuel and renewable energy power plant investments; contracting


The prices of building materials in the local market have been extremely volatile over the past two months because of the ups and downs of the currency rate and higher tariffs. The fluctuations are almost certain to curb construction activity.


The Brussels conference on humanitarian aid to Syria managed to generate pledges of EUR 4.9 billion from donor countries, falling below both the funding needs of around EUR 7.7 billion and last year’s pledges of EUR 6.1 billion. The United States was the only large donor to pledge a higher amount this year.


The number of Syrians who tested positive for Covid-19 increased by 57 percent over the past 15 days, according to government estimates, although the numbers still remain low compared to many other countries.


Factory development services; oil infrastructure development and maintenance; contracting


Updated on June 18, 2020: The entry into force today of the Caesar Act expands sanctions on Syria and will increase challenges for the regime and the economy alike. The U.S. administration has also expanded its list of Syrians under sanctions.


After a suspension in April, Iranian oil exports to Syria resumed in May, according to preliminary estimates.


Syria’s two airlines have headed in opposite trajectories in recent weeks, possibly partly because of the rift between Rami Makhlouf and the Syrian president.


Export-import; contracting


Agricultural machinery and equipment trading; building equipment trading; contracting


Electrical goods and electronics trading; lighting devices


Contracting; export-import


Building materials trading; electrical appliances; contracting


This article is an updated and expanded factsheet on the economic and business relations between Syria and Russia as of April 2020.


The past week saw a modest uptick in Syria's confirmed Covid-19 cases, but the apparently slow infection rate has allowed the government to start reopening some shops and official agencies.


Updated on March 31, 2020: Syria reported its first cases of Coronavirus and accelerated preparations to limit the spread of the pandemic and mitigate its economic, social and health impacts, as the dollar gained almost 20 percent in the black market.


The tables below provide a list of Syria's main trading partners last year with the value of their exports to, and import from, Syria.


China remained one of Syria’s main suppliers last year, according to Chinese official data.


The Ministry of Health said today that it has still not recorded any cases of patients affected with the coronavirus.


A delegation from India’s Tata Group visited Damascus in December, a rare case of a multinational company looking for business opportunities in Syria.


In this 2,700-word factsheet we provide a profile of Damascus Cham Holding, one of the largest Syrian companies that is at the heart of the controversial Marota project.


A company from China is negotiating to set up a plant in Syria, which would be one of the very few Chinese investments to take place in the country.


The Caesar sanctions bill that was signed into law late last year by the U.S. President will have significant medium and long-term consequences on the Syrian economy, but its shorter-term impact will be less meaningful.


The Syrian Investment Agency has issued a licence for a new car assembly plant, while an Iranian-owned venture in the industry has reportedly suspended production.


Al-Furat Petroleum Company, once Syria’s largest oil company, has announced the rehabilitation of new wells west of the Euphrates River.