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The interest of Chinese companies in Syria, in particular for its real estate and building materials sectors, seems to be growing.


A trade centre to boost business with Crimea is opening in Damascus, while China and Iran plan to build trade centres to boost their exports to the country.


The following tables provide a breakdown by country of Syria's exports between 2006 and 2011.


The following tables provide a breakdown by country of Syria's imports between 2006 and 2011.


The 61st edition of the Damascus International Trade Fair closed its doors last week with mixed results for the Syrian government and economy.


Cultivation of Chinese herbs and vegetables; import of foodstuffs, cereals and other agricultural products; import agricultural machinery


The capture in Greece of a huge shipment of Captagon pills from Syria has highlighted the size of the drug trade in the country’s economy.


The General Establishment of Public Transportation, which manages public transport bus services in Syria’s four largest cities, has provided a partial estimate of its losses from the conflict.


Al-Furat Petroleum Company said that by the end of the first quarter of this year it had lost some USD 14.55 billion from the Syrian conflict.


The list below includes all the Syrian individuals, entities, aircrafts and vessels that have been put under sanctions by the U.S. Administration since 2005.


China is planning to open a permanent trade centre in the Adra Industrial City near Damascus.


The list below includes the names of all the individuals that have been blacklisted by the European Union since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011.


General trade and investment


The following factsheet provides technical details on, and lists the status of, Syria’s main gas treatment plants as of April 24, 2019.


Investment in hospitality projects; general trading


This table lists the participants at the Brussels meeting on March 12-14, 2019 (Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region - Brussels III Conference).


Revenues data from one of Syria’s most iconic attractions highlight how long the road still is before the tourism industry returns anywhere close to where it stood in 2010.


A French tour operator has announced the resumption of its operations in Syria, becoming one of the first western tourism companies to return to the country.


Three new licenses for car assembly plants have been given to Syrian investors in the past few months, raising the potential number of these plants, including several that have been operating for years, to eight. Here is a breakdown of these projects.


One of Syria’s two Iranian-owned car assembly plants has announced that it was resuming its operations.


Chinese investors, among others, have recently been visiting the site of the Marota City project, which is struggling to attract investors and funding.


The value of the import licenses granted to Syrian traders by the Ministry of Economy declined in the first three quarters of this year, official data indicate.


A Syrian court has reportedly discharged a freezing order on the assets of a prominent Syrian investor.


Syrian official media recently reported the delivery of hundreds of electric generators offered by the Chinese government to Damascus.


In this 2,200-word factsheet we provide a profile of the Syrian cement sector.


The main highlights of the 60th edition of the Damascus International Trade Fair, which was held last month, included a relatively large Russian presence, a very limited one by Chinese companies and the absence of announcements of major business deals.


China’s Huawei is considering withdrawing from Syria, posing a serious challenge to the country’s telecommunications sector, and highlighting the unwillingness of Chinese companies to take the Syria risk.


Syrian state entities have signed contracts worth several dozens of millions of dollars to buy heavy machinery from China and Russia.


Syria’s foreign trade deficit increased again in 2017, initial data indicate.


The tables below provide a list of Syria's main trading partners last year with the value of their exports to, and import from, Syria.


The tables below provide a list of Syria's main trading partners last year with the value of their exports to, and import from, Syria.


The Syrian government has signed a contract to import 1,000 transit buses from China in the next year, a contract worth dozens of millions of dollars.