Cham Wings (79)


Cham Wings has announced the opening of a new route to Tehran as Syrianair sees almost all its fleet grounded.


The fleet of Syrianair is down to as little as two planes as the Government appears reluctant to disburse funds to repair the company’s planes.


A second private airline, Fly Damas, has started flying in Syria.


The Syrian Civil Aviation Authority has provided data on airport traffic and on the performance of Syrianair, the national carrier, in the last two years.


Cham Wings continues to expand its services and will start soon flying to Sudan.


Cham Wings, Syria’s only private airline, expanded its services last week with a new weekly flight to Muscat, Oman.


Traffic at Syrian airports increased 20 percent on an annual basis in the first half of this year, according to a Government official.


Syria is extending its sales tax to include airplanes ticket as the treasury seeks to generate new sources of income.


Cham Wings has resumed today a direct air link between Damascus and Doha.


A Ukrainian company has begun flights to Lattakia airport, becoming one of the rare European airlines to fly to Syria.


Passenger traffic remains strong at Qamishli Airport, which continues to benefit from the lack of security on Syrian roads.


Syrianair will start flying again to Bahrain, according to a report from a local newspaper.


Cham Wings, Syria’s only private airline, is starting round trips to Kuwait, the company announced in a statement.


Cham Wings, a Syrian private charter airline, said that it began last week its first flight on a domestic route.


Cham Wings, a private charter airline, is planning to resume operations in the next few days, betting on high demand for domestic flights, as roads remain insecure.


Cham Wings, Syria’s only private sector airliner, has added a thirds plane to its fleet, an Airbus A-320.


Cham Wings Airlines has announced that it was increasing the frequency of its flights to Istanbul.

Cham Wings Airlines, Syria’s first private sector airliner, will be expanding its fleet with a new aircraft next month. The Syria Report talks to Ossama Satea, Business Development Manager, on the company’s performance and prospects.

Cham Wings Airlines has added a new 160-passenger capacity aircraft to its fleet.



Syrian Pearl Airways, a subsidiary of Cham Holding, has suspended its operations a month after their launch.


Cham Wings Airlines has announced the launch of its first scheduled flights to the Iraqi city of Najaf on April 20.


Syrian Pearl Airways will launch its operations early next month, after it receives two BAE 146-300 aircrafts leased from Orion Air, a Spanish charter carrier, according to AbdulRahman Al-Attar, chairman of the company.

Cham Wings Airlines has announced that it had concluded negotiations to lease two Airbus A319 aircrafts for a period of three years.

The Syrian Government has granted a license to establish the first private airline company in Syria to operate scheduled flights.


Following the publication of our article on Sham Wings Airlines in our January 7 edition we have received the following note from Salim Sodah, Vice President of the company.

Cham Wings Airlines, a private airliner owned by Iraqi and Syrian businessmen, announced in December that it would be flying its first flight from Damascus before the end of the year.