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Cham Palaces and Hotels, Syria’s largest five-star hotel chain, said its revenues increased last year, thanks largely to a rising number of foreign tourists.


Cham Hotels, the largest upscale hotel chain in the country, has surprisingly reported a decline in its 2018 revenues.


Financial results from Syrian public joint stock companies in the first nine months of this year appear to confirm an improvement in business activity in some sectors.


The Sheraton Aleppo Hotel is expected to reopen partially in the next few days some six years after it shut down.


The award by the government of a prime investment location in Damascus has brought forward a new figure in the Syrian business community.


Filings from some companies have confirmed the improvement in the Syrian business environment in 2017 after years of steep decline.


AbdulRahman Al-Attar, one of the most prominent business figures of the Assad era, both father and son, passed away last week at the age of 80.


The Cham Hotels Group, the largest hotel operator in the country, has reported an increase in its revenues in the first half of this year, although they stand at only a fraction of their pre-uprising level.


Nader Qalei, a prominent Syrian businessman and former partner of Rami Makhlouf, has been awarded a long-term contract for the management of a 5-star state-owned hotel.


The month of August saw a slight increase in the Syrian stock market index and in the value of shares traded.


A Syrian state media has reported that the Ministry of Tourism has awarded a license for the construction of a small 4-star hotel located in the Mazzeh district of Damascus.


Cham Palaces and Hotels, a large chain of upscale hotels across Syria, reported an increase in revenues in 2014 after years of falling occupancy rates.


Cham Hotels, Syria’s largest hotel chain, witnessed a second consecutive dismal year in 2012 as Syria’s tourism industry remains distressed.


Cham Hotels and Resorts, Syria's largest hotel management company, has reported a 58 percent decline in its operating revenues last year, reflecting the steep decline witnessed by the tourism industry in the wake of the uprising gripping the country.


The Syrian Ministry of Tourism has published a list of 28 sites offered for development to prospective investors.


Cham Hotels, the country’s largest hotel management chain, announced a slight increase in its 2010 profits to SYP 527 million, or USD 11 million, in spite of ongoing disputes with the Ministry of Tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism has taken over the management of the Ebla Cham Hotel in Damascus from its operator, Cham Palaces and Hotels Group.
Twelve new companies will have their shares traded in the Damascus Securities Exchange before the end of this year, following a decision by the Syrian Securities Commission obliging all joint-stock companies to apply for listing, Mohammad Jleilati, CEO...

Cham Palaces and Hotels Group has been granted a formal license to set up a brokerage firm, Cham Brokerage and Financial Services Company (CBFSC).


Trading activity at the Damascus Securities Exchange has been slowing down gradually since the beginning of Ramadan.

Cham Palaces and Hotels Group has been granted a preliminary approval to set up a brokerage firm, Cham Brokerage and Financial Services Company (CBFSC).

Dedeman Hotels expects to increase the occupancy rates of the three new hotels it is managing in Syria, according to its country manager, Birol Kaymas.


Dedeman Hotels and Resorts International is taking over the management of Le Meridien Hotel Damascus on January 1, 2009.


Dedeman Hotels and Resorts International will manage three 5-star hotels in Syria, including Le Meridien Hotel in Damascus.


The Syrian Arab Company for Tourist Resorts announced after-tax profits of SYP 200 million during its 2007 fiscal year.


Three of Syria’s top 5-star hotels will be offered for investment to international hotel management firms within a few weeks.


Cham Palaces and Hotels is taking over the management of the Zenobia Hotel in Palmyra from the Attar Group

The Ministry of Tourism and the Cham Hotels Group are at odds as to the end-date of the management of three of the chain’s hotels in Syria.
The Cham Hotels chain has opened its first deluxe hotel outside Syria.
According to Osman al-Aïdi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cham Hotels, the largest hotel chain in Syria and one of the largest in the Middle East, the Syrian PM, Naji al-Otri has "asked" him to list the company in an internationa...
Cham Palaces and Hotels, the leading hotel chain in Syria, has signed an agreement with Jordan's Social Security Corporation (SSC) to manage two hotels in Jordan.
Cham Palaces and Hotels has reported that following the September 11 attacks itself and its affiliates will report losses for year 2001.