Banias (208)

After the award by Lebanon, of the contract to build the Lebanon side of the Syrian-Lebanese gas pipeline, Syria is expected to start pumping gas to its neighbour before the end of the year.
Syria held in mid-December the largest oil and gas seminar it has organised in years.
The building of a gas pipeline between the Syrian port of Banias and Cyprus will depend on the development of the regional gas grid which will eventually link Egypt to Syria, a Cyprus government source told Reuters.
The Commercial Bank of Syria (CBS), the leading commercial bank in the country, announced the opening of 6 additional branches in the country in all of Tartous port, Lattakia port, Banias, Safita, Mayadin and al-Tell (Damascus countryside).
According to Teshreen, the capacity of Banias oil refinery will be raised to 9 million tons a year from the current 6 million within the five coming years.
Nicolas Rolandis, Cyprus' minister of trade, said that the sea pipeline supplying gas to Cyprus from Syria will see the port of Banias as its take-off point.

Conoco and TotalFinaElf SA have brought the USD400 million associated gas project in Deir-ez-Zor (eastern Syria) to full capacity of 13 million m3/day, said TotalFinaElf.

The Syrian government is planning to build a new oil refinery in the eastern province of Deir el-Zor.