Ayman Asfari (21)


Prominent UK-based Syrian investor Ayman Asfari has sold his share in Gulfsands Petroleum to an investment firm owned by a Russian businessman, which now holds a controlling stake in the company.


Two private Syrian banks owned partially by foreign investors have taken steps to rebrand, in a move to reduce the risk for foreign shareholders a few months after the enactment of the Caesar Act.


A British petroleum company has confirmed that oil continues to be extracted from its fields in northern Syria despite western sanctions.


Petrofac said last week that its CEO, Syrian-British businessman Ayman Asfari, would remain in his post but would not be involved in any matters connected to an ongoing investigation on its ties with Unaoil, a company suspected of corruption and money laundering.


A British oil company that has rights over oil fields located in northeast Syria has said that production at these fields has increased significantly since the beginning of the year although it receives no revenues from them.


ISIS blew up this week a large gas processing plant near Palmyra, sending a clear warning on what it could do to other economic assets under its control in Syria’s east.


Al-Mashreq, the investment arm of Rami Makhlouf, Syria’s most prominent business tycoon, has taken to court Gulfsands Petroleum over claims that its share in the UK-based oil company has been diluted.


A bribery scandal involving a global oil company has revealed ties to Syrian businesses and executives.


Ayman Asfari, one of Syria’s wealthiest individuals, has reportedly bought a significant stake in a company with significant oil assets in Syria and which includes among its other shareholders one of the regime's most powerful business tycoons.


Four individuals of Syrian origin are listed in the world’s billionaires list published by Forbes magazine, although none of them built his wealth in the country.


The Syrian government has denied reports it plans to seize the assets of expatriate businessmen.


The government is preparing to seize the assets of several prominent businessmen, including Syrian-British investor Ayman Asfari, according to pro-regime media outlets.


Two Syrian investors were included in a list of the world’s richest Arabs.


Only one Syrian investor, Ayman Asfari, made the latest Arab rich list.


Naji Otri, Syria’s PM, inaugurated last week a USD 12 million training centre built by Petrofac near the city of Homs.


Suncor Energy’s Ebla Gas Plant was inaugurated by the Syrian President on April 22.


A recent survey on the 100 most influential Arabs lists 12 Syrians among its members.

In spite of financial difficulties at INA Petroleum, one of its clients, Petrofac is expected to deliver two gas treatment plants in Syria before the end of the year.

Petrofac has been awarded the contract to build a gas treatment plant in central Syria by Hayan Petroleum Company (HPC).

Bank Audi Syria (BAS) will be the fourth private bank to operate in Syria after the Syrian Government gave the go-ahead for its official licensing on May 30.

A British Syrian Society, a non-profit organisation launched following the visit to the UK of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has been formally established.