Aleppo Airport (25)


Despite the announcement last week of the reopening of Aleppo International Airport, no commercial flight has yet been recorded at the airport.


The government has announced plans to attract private investments to build two new airports, a project that seems totally unrealistic and disconnected from the needs of the Syrian economy.


The Ministry of Transport is preparing a draft law for the establishment of a state-owned airport operator.


Starting June 21, Cham Wings will fly to Erevan connecting Armenian Syrians in the two countries.


While a Syrian company announced last week the beginning of production and sale of two new cars assembled locally, the Government still struggles to attract back manufacturers.


Only a week after the announcement that Aleppo Airport will resume its operations soon, flights have resumed at Lattakia’s Bassel Al-Assad airport.


The Syrian government is planning to reopen the Aleppo Airport years after it was closed.


Traffic at Syrian airports increased 20 percent on an annual basis in the first half of this year, according to a Government official.


Syria’s free trade zones shipped a total of SYP 84 billion worth of goods last year, according to official data.


The airport of Qamishli in Syria’s northeast continues to witness relatively strong traffic, as the country’s roads remain insecure.


Syrian Airlines is going to resume regular flights between Damascus and Aleppo, a spokesman of the company said.


A civilian plane landed on Aleppo Airport last week for the first time in around a year.


Syrianair has suspended all its flights to Egypt, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority has announced.


Trade activity in Syria’s free zones declined some 26 percent last year over the general contraction in business activity and rising violence witnessed across the country.


The clashes that forced the Damascus International Airport to close down for the week-end will likely have long-term effect on its operations.


Syrianair is adding Amman to its flight schedule and increasing its flights to Beirut as sanctions by the EU and other western countries prevent it from flying to many of its traditional destinations.


The Syrian President has issued a decree scrapping many penalties on companies established in the country’s free zones.


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Coral Hotels and Resorts has announced that it will manage its second hotel in Aleppo starting the middle of next year.


Sama, a Saudi-based low-fare airline, has announced that it would start servicing Aleppo International Airport from January 13.

Aleppo's airport is expected to increase significantly its traffic after a number of new airliners, particularly from the Gulf countries, have announced the opening of new routes towards that city.