The Syria Report Quoted in the Global Press

In the News | 14-12-2015

In the last week, The Syria Report and ist editor-in-chief, Jihad Yazigi,were quoted in several articles on the Syrian economy. You can read some of these here:

Syria imposes shawarma 'sandwich tax' among raft of measures to pay for war: "The regime has less and less foreign currency, revenues have dried up, the war effort is becoming more taxing and its two main donors, Russia and Iran, have their own financial problems."

Syrian war redraws country's economic map: "The Syrian war is not only breaking apart the country’s social cohesion, but also its economic unity."

At Syria stock exchange, investors dream of post-war rally: "But economic expert Jihad Yazigi said the bourse is little more than a facade for the regime to "present things as though everything is going well and the economy is progressing".

Written by: The Syria Report
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