September 14, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 14-09-2015

Our weekly roundup of articles published in the international press on Syria's economy and society.

‘Truckers without borders’ sustain Syria: "An interview with a truck driver working in Syria shows how truck drivers are the only parties permitted to pass freely through the country's violent internal borders."

ISIS Imposes Non-Muslim Tax on Christian Men in Qaryatain: "ISIS imposed jizyah tax on male Christian adults in the town of Qaryatain located 90km (60 miles) east of Homs."

10,000 Syrian Companies Operating in Turkey: "Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations is preparing a report on the impact of Syrian immigration in 18 states of Turkey."

Turkish Businesses Growing Nervous About Syrian Investors: "Some Turkish businesses expect that certain legal procedures would be introduced against Syrian immigrants after the parliamentary elections in November."

Teachers in Daraa Risk Regime’s Interrogation to Get Monthly Paychecks: "Many teachers who were active in the revolution or did not serve in the military still teach at schools but do not dare to receive their salaries from the directorate."

U.S. to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees: White House: "President Barack Obama has directed his administration to prepare to take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year, the White House said on Thursday."

“The Education Office” in al- Raqqa announces the start of registration of students in IS schools: "The Education Office” in the city of al- Raqqa has announced the start of registration of students who wants to study in the schools in IS-held areas within a curriculum prepared by IS."

Syria's Armenians look to ancient homeland for safety: "As Europe's refugee crisis unfolds, Armenia says it has hosted thousands of Syrians, particularly those from the Christian-Armenian community."

Syria’s Wheat Fields Ablaze as Fighting Spreads: "Fighting has caused Syrian wheat farmers to lose thousands of acres of crops. Nonetheless, this year's wheat harvest is produce nearly twice as much as last year."

Assad Regime Inflames Refugee Crisis: "Syrian president fortifies strongholds while easing passport requirements to make it easier to flee."

'Facebook refugees' chart escape from Syria on cell phones: "This is very expensive but the soul is expensive,"

Aid cuts driving Jordan's Syrian refugees to risk all: "He says the United Nations and the international community are forcing him to risk all on the open seas."

Written by: The Syria Report
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