October 20, 2014 - Selection of Articles and Reports on Syrian Economic, Business and Social Issues

In the News | 20-10-2014

The following is a selection of articles and reports written in the last week on Syria, related to economic, business and social issues:

Syrian price spikes: Aleppo gas increases by 140%: "Syrians are following with great concern the US airstrikes targeting the Islamic State (IS) and other factions on the US terror list. These strikes have directly impacted people’s lives, as economic and vital facilities in the country have been hit, such as oil wells and refineries, adversely affecting economic conditions."

Security and Resilience Among Syrian Refugees in Jordan: "Abu Muhammad is a “president of the street” in his section of Zaatari -- a self-appointed leader, part of the camp’s multi-layered and highly informal internal security apparatus -- who has taken on responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of his neighbors."

US$50m projects in Syria draw ire: "Even for some of the Syrian regime’s staunchest supporters, the launch of a glitzy new shopping mall and tourism projects seems to have been a step too far."

Looting Spreads in Damascus Suburb: "Residents of the Damascus suburb of Jaramana claim that pro-Assad militias are looting furniture to sell it for a tidy profit in local markets. They report that these Popular Committees even announce an imminent threat from ISIS or the Free Syrian Army so as to persuade locals to leave their houses."

Cold Winter Coming: Syria’s Fuel Crisis: "Since August and September, both pro-opposition and pro-government media in Syria have complained about oil shortages, gas lines, and—most of all—the exorbitant prices charged by corrupt officials and traders."

The Smugglers Who Fuel ISIS: "The jihadist group’s trade in crude is still booming despite coalition air strikes on its oil network."

Written by: The Syria Report
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