November 23, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 23-11-2015

A roundup of articles published in the international press on Syria's economy and society.

Futures unclear, Syrian refugees in Lebanon start family planning: "In much of the Middle East, large families are seen as a blessing from God, and contraception is regarded with scepticism or outright hostility."

Syria’s Wheat Fields Are Being Decimated by the War: "Intensified fighting in the northern regions of Syria—which are responsible for the majority of the nation’s wheat growth—will make it nearly impossible for the remaining farmers to access and maintain their wheat fields."

Syria’s Speed Freaks, Jihad Junkies, and Captagon Cartels: "The chaos of the war against Bashar al-Assad is fueling the rise of a dangerous, new super-amphetamine across the Middle East."

Russia’s Syria Intervention is Not All About Gas: "Russia’s involvement in Syria is less about protecting natural gas interests and more about prosaic strategic interests."

Syrian Delegation Attends Omani Economic Forum in Muscat: "Representatives from both countries meet to discuss boosting of trade, investment, economic and industrial cooperation."

Defending Syria Body Reviews Post-Crisis Reconstruction Projects: "Syria will focus on investing in citizens’ needs for food, energy and initiating the country's reconstruction phase, says head of the Syrian Investment Agency."

Turkey to Roll Out New ID Cards for Syrians: "Turkey issues new legistation giving Syrians the right to secure their legal status in the country for the first time."

Damascenes Flock to Amara Market for Bargains as Consumer Prices Soar: "The small marketplace near the capital's Old City provides Syrians with a range of essentials at low prices as an increasing number of residents face economic hardship."

The Syrian Non Violent Movement: "An overview of the Syrian non violent actors and movement."

ICRC works to avoid massive water crisis in Aleppo: "The ICRC and its local partner organizations are asking for help in publicizing a GPS-enabled map that gives users the ability to pinpoint themselves in relation to a network of restored water wells throughout the city."

Draining ISIS' Coffers: "Six analysts give their views on means to cripple ISIS' revenue stream"

Shortages Force Aleppo Medical Centres to Close: "In Aleppo in northwest Syria, health centres have operated under dire conditions in the last four years, with little funding, the daily threat of aerial bombardment, and dangers posed by local armed groups."

Health Reality in the Liberated Areas of Northern Aleppo - A report on the health situation in the opposition-held parts of the Aleppo province.

The multiple tragedies of Syria’s displaced women, and why the G20 needs to pay attention: "In Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq, one in four families, 145,000, are female headed."

Syrian Entrepreneurship Day

Written by: The Syria Report
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