November 17, 2014 - Selection of Articles and Reports on Syrian Economic, Business and Social Issues

In the News | 17-11-2014

The following is a selection of articles and reports written in the last week on Syria, related to economic, business and social issues:

Satellites shine light on Syria's internally displaced: "A new study has made use of night-time satellite images to document the humanitarian impact of Syria's three and a half year conflict."

Hungry Syrians storm warehouses and clash with rebels over food insecurity: "Armed clashes have erupted in the Syrian town of Douma after hungry residents stormed food warehouses belonging to an Islamist rebel group, a monitoring group said on Saturday."

A Booming Business for Firewood, as Syrians Seek Ways to Keep Warm this Winter: "Syria is facing a tougher winter this year, with fuel increasingly difficult to find and the cost of diesel rising dramatically (up 140% in some parts of the country). The scarcity of diesel is making a bad problem even worse, sparking an active black market selling it for extremely high prices."

Written by: The Syria Report
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