November 16, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 16-11-2015

Our weekly roundup of articles published in the international press on Syria's economy and society.

From Resilience to Development: High Level Stakeholder Conference on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

ICRC Works to Avoid Massive Water Crisis in Aleppo: "As water cuts in Aleppo reach an all-time high, the Red Cross and its local partner organizations are asking for help in publicizing a GPS-enabled map that gives users the ability to pinpoint themselves in relation to a network of restored water wells throughout the city."

Syria's collapse, in 7 charts: "These numbers on indicators that feel familiar — things like GDP and school attendance rates — can help show how utterly the war has gutted this once-stable nation."

Ghouta Residents Ward off Hunger With Rye Bread and Mystery Meat: ""There is no more food here. The siege has forced us to look to other kinds of food to stay alive. Starvation does not discriminate between children and grown-ups.”"

Interm Govt. Decries Border Crossing Incident, Communications Minister Resigns: "SIG issues statement condemning the "unacceptable behavior from uncontrolled military factions" wanting to prevent the government from entering Syria."

War, Not Assad Government, Responsible for Poverty, Inflation: Economy Ministry: "Advisor to the minister of economy says high consumer prices and widespread poverty should be attributed to the "aggression against Syria", not the Assad regime."

East Ghouta Residents to Brave Impending Winter Amid Firewood Shortage: "An increase in firewood prices have encouraged some locals to turn to raiding Ghouta's famous fruit orchards for fuel."

Pro-Regime Forces Exploiting Bread Shortage in Besieged Deir-ez-Zor: "Security forces and brokers selling bread to citizens at up to three times the regular sale price, report by local monitor finds."

Rojava residents feel crunch of economic siege: "The Kurdish area of Syria known as Rojava has been suffering from electricity cuts and high gas prices due to the war and violence in the region."

Written by: The Syria Report
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