November 02, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 02-11-2015

Our weekly selection of articles and reports on the Syrian economy.

Inequality, Uprisings, and Conflict in the Arab World: "Continued low oil prices, the escalation of conflicts, and civil wars make the short-term prospects for a growth recovery slim."

Middle-class Frustration Fueled the Arab Spring: "Judging by economic data alone, the revolutions of the 2011 Arab Spring should have never happened."

Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the Arab Region: "Oil wealth is vital for oilexporting Arab countries and is the primary source of positive spillover to oil-importing Arab countries. It constitutes the fundamental pillar of regional growth, upholding a certain level of intraregional flows of capital, remittances and aid from the region’s major oil producers."

The US-Russia gas pipeline war in Syria could destabilise Putin: "Military solutions are not the answer to the perfect storm of climate, energy, food, economic and geopolitical crises facing Russia."

ISIS Exports Exceed 8 Million Dollars a Month in Deir-ez-Zor: "Monthly income from oil and gas fields in the province reach two and a half million dollars."

Can the Syrian Economy Rise Again?

Russia intends to restore Syrian economy: "Meanwhile, Sergey Gavrilov, a State Duma member who has recently returned from Syria, thinks that it is time to think about restoration of the Syrian economy."

Written by: The Syria Report
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