May 18, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 18-05-2015

Our selection of articles written this week on Syria's economy and society.

Let Syrians Settle Detroit: "Resettling Syrians in Detroit would require commitment and cooperation across different branches and levels of our government, but it is eminently feasible."

Here's How Syria's Opposition Government Essentially Went Broke: "The financial crisis at SIG has essentially gone unanswered by its Western allies, bringing into relief the perception that the US does not fully back the Syrian opposition politically or militarily."

Syria's Hotels Face Conversion Into Military Barracks
: "Remaining hotel owners find themselves powerless as the regime converts the country's old hotels into garrisons for soldiers and snipers."

Minister for Economy: Increased Production Will Improve Exchange Rate: "Ministries of economy and foreign trade will implement a number of measures to secure domestic production in an attempt to boost Syria's economy, minister says."

ISIS Makes a Fortune From Smuggling Migrants Says Report: "Migrants pay thousands of dollars to armed groups in Africa and the Middle East on their journey to Europe."

Syrian smugglers shun weapons and turn to cigarettes for profits: "They used to sneak in weapons and blackmarket oil. But now eastern Syria’s smugglers are seeking profit from a new illicit product: cigarettes."

Seeking Internet access, Syrians turn to Turkey's wireless network: "Wireless networks from Turkey are spreading in opposition-controlled neighborhoods in Aleppo, with cheap prices compared with local Internet services that are regularly disrupted."

Written by: The Syria Report
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