May 11, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 11-05-2015

A selection of articles from the international press on social and economic issues affecting Syria.

The "Gang of Girls" risk their lives to report from inside a war zone: "Amid the rubble of Syria, a band of women are risking prison, or worse, to report, write, and edit the civil war's paper of record."

Syrian Economic Collapse: the Nail in Assad's Coffin: "A new report claims the Syrian economic collapse is one of several indicators of the decline of the Assad regime as it struggles to retain unity and power."

Syria's Trading Game: Prices Inflate as the Dollar Falls: "It is the game of the traders; when the dollar exchange rate rises, shop owners raise the prices of their goods, even if they have been in storage. When the dollar exchange rate drops, their prices remain the same."

After Syrian Army's Defeat, People Trickle Back to Idlib Towns: "The municipality has begun clearing away the rubble of fallen homes and buildings destroyed during the shelling, cleaning the streets, dismantling barricades, reopening the main highway and restoring vital areas like the vegetable market and other central marketplaces."

Mental Health Issues the Most Underreported Problem in Syria – Doctor: "The World Health Organization estimates that 2 million or more Syrians are suffering from mild to moderate mental problems."

Syrian Textile Sector Loses 33 Billion SYP: "Executive Office of Unions of Textile releases report claiming textile industry under-performed for 2014 with a shortfall of over 30 billion Syrian pounds."

Interim Govt. Employees Continue to Await Salaries: "Opposition government staff wait for four months of backpay as the SIG struggles to obtain financing from Gulf states."

Written by: The Syria Report
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