March 09, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 09-03-2015

Our selection of 12 articles on economic and social issues in Syria.

What refugees really think of aid agencies: "Aid agencies are partial, unaccountable and potentially corrupt, and they fail to meet refugees’ most pressing needs."

Gifting of equipment to the Free Syrian Police: "The Free Syrian Police are responsible for providing basic civilian policing in large areas of opposition-controlled territory."

U.N. shrinks food aid to Syria refugees in Turkey as cash low: "The United Nations food agency said Friday it had been forced to withdraw aid from nine Syrian refugee camps in Turkey due to a lack of funds, calling on donors to step up."

Syrians in Bulgaria: 'Why don't they help us': "Thousands of Syrian refugees in Bulgaria are living in overcrowded camps, held in limbo by EU bureaucracy."

Could Syria really be polio free?: "The likelihood is that if a sensitive surveillance system is looking for polio and can’t find it for a year, there is no polio, but given the circumstances in Syria and Iraq we are cautious."

The ordeal of Syria's healthcare professionals: "One field hospital in Aleppo averaged 50-75 war-related trauma cases a day between January and March 2014, yet only 13 surgeons and a total of about 30 doctors serve 300,000 people in Aleppo."

Hepatitis A Threatens Damascus Water Supply: "Cases of the disease reach over 50 as sources claim water stores have not been cleaned since the beginning of the Syrian crisis almost four years ago."

Internal Transport Sector Witnesses Improvements: "Syrian government develops plans to reactivate role of state-owned public transportation body after more than 250 million SYP lost to armed group attacks."

Production Resumes for Electrical and Metal Industries: "Two factories recommence production, with products to hit the market soon."

People’s Assembly Reviews Electricity Ministry: "Assembly reviews ministry’s administrative and technical work for repairing terrorism-related damage to the power grid."

Aleppo Residents Burn Furniture to Protect Children from Freezing in Winter: "Like many residents of the area, the family has broken up their furniture and is burning it this winter to keep warm and heat their food."

TAKFIRINOMICS: How ISIS funds its caliphate: "ISIS has married its authoritarian governance with a remarkably successful war economy."

Written by: The Syria Report
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