June 15, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 15-06-2015

A dozen articles on Syria's economy and society.

Towards Decent Work in Lebanon: Issues and Challenges in Light of the Syrian Refugee Crisis: "The objective of this report is to review labour market and employment conditions and focuses on both the quantity and quality of jobs in Lebanon in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis."

The benefits of hosting refugees: "A new UN study suggests there may be far more positive implications from hosting refugees than previously estimated."

Kuwait gives US$121 million to help fund UNHCR's Syria crisis response: "Kuwait has given US$121 million to the UN refugee agency to assist its efforts in dealing with the dire humanitarian situation resulting from the long crisis in Syria."

A university for Syrian refugees: How, when and where?: "Turkey and Qatar have agreed to jointly open an international university for Syrian refugees, to be located in Turkey’s southeastern province of Gaziantep."

Syrian-born entrepreneur who taught himself how to read named best entrepreneur on the planet: "France-based businessman Mohed Altrad has been crowned the best entrepreneur in the world."

Investment Opportunities Conference Kicks off in Damascus: "Minister of industry says government aims to pave the way for foreign and domestic investment in country's reconstruction."

Turkey Takes Measures to Limit New Syria Refugee Influx: "The Turkish government said in April it has spent almost $5.5 billion (4.8 billion euros) to provide for Syrian refugees."

Iran’s Stakes in Syria’s Economy: "Although political considerations are the main drivers of Iran’s policy toward Syria, economic interests are playing an ever greater role."

The War Over Syria's Gas Fields: In short, Palmyra is the hub between the extraction or transfer of virtually all of Syria’s gas production and the processing and power plants further west that supply electricity and gas for domestic and industrial use to those parts of the country where most of the population lives."

Syrian Factories Export Veterinary Medicine to 32 Countries: "Factories continue to export quality veterinary medicine despite crippling sanctions, says minister."

Gold Prices Stable in Damascus Despite Global Decline
: "Syrian gold prices remain stable amid drop in global markets."

Electricity Minister Discusses Energy Cooperation with UNDP: "UNDP acknowledges Syrian government’s cooperation in backing energy sector."

Iran Spends Billions to Prop Up Assad: "The Special Envoy has estimated Iran spends $6 billion annually on supporting the Assad regime in Syria. So it's $6 billion not $35 billion."

Written by: The Syria Report
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