June 08, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 08-06-2015

A weekly selection on Syria's economy and society.

Young Syrians find academic home at US colleges: "Syria crisis has created an educational vacuum that universities worldwide are seeking to fill."

Ariana planes transport fighters to Iraq and Syria from Iran: MP claims: "An Afghan lawmaker in the Lower House of the Parliament has claimed that the planes of Ariana Afghan Airlines are used to transport masked men to Syria and Iraq conflicts."

Shoot-out on Jordanian border reveals link between Syria war and drugs trade: "Although Jordan is trying to steer clear of the regional conflicts gnawing at its borders, it is Amman’s drug of choice that is financing the conflict next door."

Why business is booming under Islamic State one year on: "The Syrian businessman was enjoying a much-needed holiday in Turkey when the phone call came from the tax inspector of the Islamic State."

Perspectives on the Nutrition Response in the Syria Crisis: "This piece summarises the views of the emergency nutrition network on the nutrition response to the Syria crisis."

Over-grazing and desertification in the Syrian steppe are the root causes of war: "Civil war in Syria is the result of the desertification of the ecologically fragile Syrian steppe - a process that began in 1958 when the former Bedouin commons were opened up to unrestricted grazing."

Syria regime scorching rebel agriculture: "Farms in rebel-held areas of Daraa have been targeted by regime strikes."

Interior Ministry Forgets War, Focuses on Pasta: "Officials distributed 15 tons of pasta to Ministry of Interior staff, documents reveal."

Syrian PM Says Government Committed to Ensuring Food Security and Meeting Basic Needs: "PM stresses importance of cooperation with civil and popular organisations in order to meet citizens basic needs."

Tehran Holds Syrian-Iranian Economic Talks: "Officials meet in the Iranian capital to discuss increased economic and trade cooperation."

Damascus Commercial Activities Halt Amid Tax Crackdown: "Leaked report purportedly shows huge government spending on automobiles as customs officials raid commercial districts in an attempt to curb tax evasion."

Video of grain silos near Hassakeh under control of the Nusra Front

Written by: The Syria Report
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