July 27, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 27-07-2015

A weekly roundup on Syria's economy.

Adults before their time, Syria’s refugee children toil in the fields of Lebanon: "Having fled Islamic State and crossed the border, a lost generation skips school for a life of back-breaking hardship."


Syria: bread prices up nearly 90 per cent, pushing more people into hunger, UN report warns: "Syria’s food production in 2015 remains at 40 per cent below its pre-crisis levels, impacting the price of bread, which has spiralled by 87 per cent, and shrinking poultry production by half, according to a United Nations agency report released today."

U.S.-Turkey deal aims to create de facto ‘safe zone’ in northwest Syria: "Operations in the targeted area would stop short of meeting long-standing Turkish demands for a full-scale, declared no-fly zone, but the area could eventually become a protected haven for some of the estimated 2­ million Syrian civilians who have fled to Turkey."

Syria’s Media Devastation in Numbers: "Data suggests the first six months of 2015 were less bloody for Syria’s media than those of last year. But what’s behind the devastating casualty numbers?"

People’s Assembly Meet to Review Aleppo's Public Services: "Representatives call for a restructuring of the Ministry of Agriculture, urging the need to compensate farmers affected by bad weather conditions and terrorism."

Is ISIL running out of oil?: "Fighters may lost Iraq's Beiji refinery, but they still control a number of oil wells and continue to exploit them."

Written by: The Syria Report
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