July 20, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 20-07-2015

A roundup of articles on Syria's economy and society.

THE SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS WILL TRANSFORM MIDDLE EAST POLITICS: "To imagine that the long-term plight of millions of Syrian refugees in the Middle East and Europe will have no consequences is folly on a greater scale than predicting the Palestinian refugee problem would disappear after 1948."

Syria Welcomes Lifting of Iran Sanctions: "Analysts say the potential of freeing up of billions of dollars in frozen Iranian assets will likely benefit Assad, with Tehran having a greater capacity as a consequence of the Vienna deal to continue to keep propping up the Syrian dictator with financial and military support."

Syria's Bankrupt Traders, Industrialists Remain Silent Amid Crisis: "Many cases of undeclared bankruptcy exist as traders and industrialists are fearing for their reputations, hoping one day to pay their debts and return to work, according to Chamber of Commerce official."

Water Shortages Leave Syrians in Aleppo Thirsty and Desperate: "UNICEF, said last week that the scarcity of water and the high temperatures have put Syrian children at a “high risk” for disease. In a sharp uptick from previous years, more than 105,000 cases of Hepatitis A have been recorded since the beginning of the year, the group added."

The Syrian non violent movement "Perspectives from the Ground": "This report provides an overview of the reflections of Syrian activists on the reality of their movement, as well as the movement’s role, potential and ability to regain the lead."

What Turkey’s open-door policy means for Syrian refugees: "Assisting the refugees now requires more than providing life-saving aid. Efforts must be made for their integration into Turkish society. In this regard, ensuring access to education and legal employment opportunities are critical issues."

Passport Forgers Prey on Desperate Syrians: "Refugees escaping Syria often pay thousands of dollars for inadequate forged documents to pass regime checkpoints, says activist."

ISIL bans private internet access in Syria's Raqqa: "Order to cut WiFi access outside of internet cafes seen as a move to restrict communication out of ISIL stronghold."

Ryerson University joins program to bring Syrian refugees to Toronto: "Ms. Nguyen is heading up one of 11 teams from Ryerson University that are part of Lifeline Syria, a movement that aims to secure private sponsorship for 1,000 Syrian refugees to resettle in the GTA over the next two years."

Written by: The Syria Report
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