July 06, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 06-07-2015

A weekly roundup of articles on Syria's economy and society.

Syrian insurgents carve out fiefdoms in de-facto partition: "While few things are certain in the chaos of Syria’s civil war, few experts who study the conflict are in any doubt that the blood-spattered pieces of the puzzle are rearranging themselves into a new pattern – of arenas ruled by warlords."

Syrian children 'increasingly exploited' for labour: "UNICEF and Save the Children say increasing child labour is creating a "lost generation" of Syrian children."

Report: Small hands, Heavy Burden, How the Syria conflict is drawing more children into the workforce

The Islamic State's scorched earth policy in Kobani: "Massive fires broke out In early June in the agricultural areas of this Kurdish-majority city, affecting wheat and barley crops and fruit trees."

The Staggering Economic Costs of the Syrian Civil War: "The degree to which Syria’s GDP losses could be overestimated would be greater depending on how much output is produced in rebel-held areas."

Syrian Refugees Face Hunger Amidst Humanitarian Funding Crisis: "The United Nations’ food aid organisation, the World Food Programme (WFP), said on Jul. 1 that up to 440,000 refugees from war-torn Syria might have to go hungry if no additional funds are received by August."

Tohmeh Slams Interim Govt. Corruption Allegations as 'False and Demagogic': "Qatari grant is still intact as government conducts ongoing talks on how to best spend the funds, prime minister says."

Aleppo’s Businessmen revive Gaziantep’s Economy: "Aleppans have launched many investment projects in Gaziantep including oils, soap, textile industries and others."

Written by: The Syria Report
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