December 07, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 07-12-2015

Our latest selection of articles on Syria's economy and society.

Trapped Deir e-Zor city residents living on ‘a cup of rice, boiled wheat and water’: “The average family meal in Deir e-Zor consists of a cup of rice, boiled wheat and water.”

Ethnic Cleansing Threatens Syria's Unity: "The escalating conflict remains a sectarian war, and deliberate ethnic cleansing by various actors is drawing new internal borders that will be difficult to erase."

Syrian visitors in Saudi Arabia to get temporary work permits: "Syrians staying in Saudi Arabia on visit visa may soon be granted temporary work permits to take jobs at the private sector."

‘Syria is dead, Israel must prepare,’ top defense official warns: "Amos Gilad says Bashar Assad’s grip on his country is failing and it has become ‘a land without rule.’"

Russia strikes vital Aleppo water treatment plant: "‘The sight of water flowing from a faucet has become almost like a dream’"

For Money or Liberty?: "The Political Economy of Military Desertion and Rebel Recruitment in the Syrian Civil War."

Saving Syria’s Lost Generation: "But for the majority of Syrian refugee children residing in Lebanon, education is a distant dream. In 2014-2015, only 30,000 of the Syrian refugee children in Lebanon were enrolled in school."

Unpaid Dowry en Vogue in Syria's Besieged Areas: "Families in Syria's besieged cities are requesting less of suitors as the impacts of war continue to deprive young men of access to money."

The Syrian government has not received a single barrel of oil from DAISH: "Russian national, accused by Erdogan of involvement in oil supplies to Syria from IS, rejects accusations in interview with TASS."

Italy busts Syria-linked olive oil scam: "Italy’s forestry police have uncovered a massive olive oil scam in Puglia, which involved the import of oils from Syria, Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia, which were tampered with before being sold as authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil."

Written by: The Syria Report
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