Dec 08, 2014 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 08-12-2014

Our weekly selection of articles and reports includes various articles on the plight of Syrian refugees, a story on the rising demand for solar energy in Syria as blackouts increase and a profile of the Syrian founder of the Arab World's Amazon.

Facts & Figures: Syria refugee crisis & international resettlement: "3.8 million refugees from Syria (95 per cent) are in just five countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt."

The world’s pitiful response to Syria’s refugee crisis: " Excluding Germany, the rest of the European Union (EU) has pledged to resettle a paltry 0.17 per cent of refugees in the main host countries."

EU-Syria: €180 million to deal with crisis and spill-over in Lebanon and Jordan: "In order to help the Syrian population inside the country to cope with the effects of the crisis and prepare for early recovery, today’s assistance package comprises the following actions."

UNESCO Wants Ban on Iraq, Syria Art Trafficking: "Antiquities officials there have warned of a disaster as the region's history is erased."

A Syrian Entrepreneur Looks To Build The Amazon Of The Arab World: "He founded in 2006 and settled in Dubai, the financial capital of the United Arab Emirates. Now he's the CEO of what's considered the most successful e-commerce site in the region."

With Diesel Scarce, Syrians Turn to Solar Power as an Emerging Energy Option: "Having previously failed to convince people to switch to solar energy, Hamideen says that many Syrians have now embraced the idea as the only solution to the enduring power shortages."

As Syrian army closes in, Douma residents turn against rebels: "Yet, this time the demonstrations weren’t held against the Syrian regime, but against Jaish al-Islam and the traders collaborating with it. The protests have been dubbed “The Hunger Demonstrations.”

Syria Special: A Proposal for the Crisis — Safe Havens and “Internal Containment”: "International coalition and British Government strategy is foundering over both the challenge of the Assad regime and the challenge of the Islamic State, because of indecision, lack of clarity, lack of coordination, and apparent lack of necessary information."

Written by: The Syria Report
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