April 20, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 20-04-2015

Some of the main articles written this week on Syria's economy and society.

Why Syria’s Protecting Seeds From Its War: "When civil war broke out in Syria, scientists saved more than 80 percent of a priceless trove of seeds."

Syrian border closure deals blow to Jordan economy: "One of the Middle East’s busiest trade channels, the route has been packed with caravans for millennia. Today, it connects Europe to the Middle East via Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia."

Syrian World Heritage Site used as battlefield: "New footage and photos show shattered mosaics and walls at the Unesco World Heritage Site of Bosra in Syria, while museum collections at Idlib are boxed up amid fears of looting."

Turkish Educator Pledges $10M To Set Up Universities For Syrian Refugees: "Now, Turkish educator Enver Yucel is offering an ambitious solution: an accredited university system, with coursework in Arabic and English as well as Turkish, on campuses along the Turkish border."

UN agency food aid vouchers in Syrian crisis diverted and sold for cash: "A World Food Program initiative that handed out hundreds of millions of dollars of food vouchers has been confronted with "persistent" diversion and sale of the vouchers to middlemen for cash by the growing flood of Syrian refugees in neighboring Jordan and Lebanon, according to its internal auditors."

Syria: UN agency appeals for $30 million to help besieged civilians in Yarmouk camp: "The appeal for $30 million is part of the UNRWA Syria Crisis Appeal, which provides humanitarian support to 480,000 Palestine refugees throughout Syria and to those displaced to Lebanon and Jordan."

The Regime's Feeble $200 Million Reconstruction Plan: "Only a small portion of the estimated damage costs have been allocated for Syria's reconstruction, while UNRWA and UNDP report distressing economic results for 2014."

Written by: The Syria Report
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