April 13, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 13-04-2015

A selection of 15 articles on Syria including a map of border crossings, articles on ISIS decreasing income, the opposition's governance of Idlib and many others.

Will Syrian opposition move interim government to Idlib? "Moving the headquarters of the government to the interior requires “an agreement with the factions in Idlib as well as international help to protect the government,” according to Touma."

Syrian Rebels Fear 'IS-Like' Islamist Takeover Of Idlib, Civilians Fear Assad: "Seejri said that the behavior of JAN and Jund al-Aqsa "suggests that they want to take Syria back to the Middle Ages."

Despite Crackdown, IS Says Turkey-Syria Border Still Open: "It is still possible to cross into Syria from Turkey, the message said, despite rumors that the Turkish authorities have closed the border."

Closure of Syria’s last border crossing hits Jordan economy: "Looters from nearby Syrian villages swarmed on foot, by bicycle or by car into the free zone, which straddles the two countries’ border, and seized food, computers, cash and about 350 new cars."

Syrian rebel takeover of border crossing severs ancient link to Jordan: "The crossing, which was captured on the Syrian side by moderate rebel forces, was the last official gateway between Jordan and Syria along their 230-mile border."

The Site That Shook the Syrian Economy: Syria Stocks Stops Monitoring the Dollar: "What kind of state is this, if its economy can be shaken by a website?

Education Suffers on Both Sides of Divided Aleppo: "War has cast its dark shadow over the education system in Aleppo for more than three years now. Learning has become difficult for children living on either side of the lines, in areas held by the regime and its opponents."

Isis: Inside the struggling Islamic State economy in Iraq and Syria: "The Islamic State (Isis) economy is in dire straits. Pushed out of the oil fields it controlled in Iraq and hampered by increasing scrutiny of foreign banking transfers from wealthy donors, there are already reports in Mosul and other cities that IS is overstretched."

Islamic State Loses Iraqi Oil Fields, Crucial Income: "The daily said the IS "can hardly sell oil anymore," cutting off a major income source for the group."

Isis Demands $1 Million Per Person as Ransom for Releasing 217 Assyrian Christians: "The Islamic State (Isis) militants in Syria are reportedly demanding a whopping $1 million per person as ransom for releasing the 217 Assyrian Christians taken hostages by the Sunni group."

Plane Delivers Belarusian Aid to Syria's Displaced: "Aircraft loaded with 40 tons of food arrives in Damascus, with Belarusian ambassador praising coordination efforts between Minsk and the Syrian government."

Senior Intelligence Officer Smuggles Oil From ISIS-Held Areas: Leaked Report: "Leaked documents implicated regime colonel in the smuggling of goods from Iraq to Syria, including oil from ISIS-held areas."

'Live Syria 2015' Shopping Festival Kicks Off in Damascus: "The Damascus Chamber of Industry chairman, Samer al-Debs, said the festival will be held on a monthly basis to encourage industrialists who have remained inside Syria despite the crisis."

Who controls border crossings in Syria (map)

Written by: The Syria Report
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