April 06, 2015 - Our Weekly Selection

In the News | 06-04-2015

Articles on a donors conference, the endangered production of Arak, and iPhones on ISIS lands feature in our weekly selection on Syria.

The cost of war: "Calculating the impact of the collapse of Syria’s education system on the country’s future."

National tipple arak takes a hit in Syria's war: "Once a source of national pride, Syria's national tipple arak has fallen victim to the country's conflict, with a shrinking customer base, supply routes severed and cheap counterfeits aplenty."

Syria slashes imports to save dwindling foreign reserves: "The country doesn’t need to be importing luxury products like pineapples and French cheeses.”

Syria Crisis Fair Share Analysis 2015: "Oxfam has calculated that nearly half of the world’s top donors didn’t give their fair share of aid to the Syria crisis in 2014, based on the size of their economies."

FAO appeals for $121 million to support livelihoods affected by Syria crisis: "In Syria itself, some 50 percent of livestock have been lost and the cereal harvest has dropped by half since the beginning of the crisis in 2011 due to conflict escalation and adverse weather."

OCHA Press Release: Donors pledge $3.8 billion to help people affected by the constantly deteriorating Syria crisis

Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan 2015-2016: Regional Strategic Overview

2015 Strategic Response Plan: Syrian Arab Republic

Smugglers Bring Islamic State Residents “The Basic Nutrients Of Life”: "Smugglers on Turkey’s border with Syria send everything from iPhones to cooking oil into ISIS’s self-styled caliphate."

Jihadist Cash Lures Syrian War Refugees as Aid Dwindles: "“If Daesh approaches my son and gives him $300 to fight with them, he would do it,” he said."


Written by: The Syria Report
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