Syrianair, the state-owned carrier, has rented a 20-year old Airbus plane from Iran’s Mahan Air to increase the size of its fleet that had fallen to a single aircraft.
Syria’s two main commercial ports had a mixed performance in the first half of this year, data show.
The Syrian Civil Aviation Authority has suspended for one full month the license of Cham Wings, the country’s main private sector airline.
According to data from the head of the Traffic Directorate in Damascus, half of all car accidents that occured last year in Syria were in Damascus.
Data from the Ports of Tartous and Lattakia for the first quarter of this year show a small increase in container traffic and a decline in bulk cargo.
The Syrian Civil Aviation Authority has obtained a court order seizing the funds of a former Malaysian contractor.
CMA CGM will reportedly begin a regular route between Lattakia and the Black Sea in a bid to enhance Syrian exports to Russia.
Cham Wings has announced the opening of a new route to Tehran as Syrianair sees almost all its fleet grounded.
UPDATED: Russian forces are considering using another Syrian airport, Qamishli’s, for their aerial operations against the Syrian opposition, according to a monitoring group.
Data from Syria’s two main commercial maritime ports confirm the decline in trade activity last year.
The Ministry of Transport has decided to reduce by 25 percent the fees collected by the country’s maritime ports starting the beginning of this year.
The fleet of Syrianair is down to as little as two planes as the Government appears reluctant to disburse funds to repair the company’s planes.
A second private airline, Fly Damas, has started flying in Syria.
The Syrian Civil Aviation Authority has provided data on airport traffic and on the performance of Syrianair, the national carrier, in the last two years.
All international flights to and from Lattakia Airport have been stopped, the Syrian Ministry of Transport has said.


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